Bitget Wallet Debuts GetScribe: An All-in-One Solution for Seamless Omnichain Inscriptions

Bitget Wallet Debuts GetScribe: An All-in-One Solution for Seamless Omnichain Inscriptions

Bitget Wallet is a popular Web3 trading wallet that has introduced a full inscription ecosystem platform inside its wallet. This platform is intended to act as a single point of contact for customers to access the wider inscriptions ecosystem. GetScribe is a wallet industry pioneer that provides full-stack omnichain inscription management. It facilitates easy single and batch inscriptions on Bitget Wallet’s app and browser extension platforms. With intentions to add support for more chains in the future, the gateway now supports 19 distinct blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

GetScribe additionally incorporates an inscription market leaderboard, covering the BTC Ordinals market and offering BRC-20 inscription market information to keep users updated about the inscription market. This real-time ranking list provides important information on market competition in addition to updating prices, price changes, and trading statistics. Users will benefit from this feature by having access to important data like participant count and inscribing progress, which will help them along their inscription journey.

GetScribe also plans to develop a launchpad option for BRC-20 tokens, including well-known and up-and-coming inscriptions to provide Bitget Wallet customers early access and possibly even first-mover advantages.

In a recent behind-closed-door interview, Bitget Wallet’s Chief Operations Officer, Alvin Kan, emphasized the company’s commitment to assisting users in navigating the emerging asset class of inscriptions. Bitget Wallet will seek to contribute to the burgeoning growth of the inscriptions market against the backdrop of Bitcoin’s growth and momentum set by the Ordinals protocol. Additionally, the business will be crucial in promoting the development of Bitcoin Layer 2 protocols, leading the whole ecosystem to new heights of innovation.

On the company’s brand positioning, Alvin added: “In this volatile bull market, our core value lies in helping users discover new assets and trading opportunities, gaining insights, and grasping new trends. We are committed to creating a rich on-chain asset selection platform, providing powerful on-chain trading services, and combining comprehensive market information to assist decision-making.”

Bitget Exchange is included in the Bitget ecosystem, and Bitget Wallet is not the only part requiring care. Bitget Exchange, which has a number of hip initiatives, like BRC-20 coins, has launched the Spot P2P market, providing an early trading platform for tokens that aren’t yet listed on big CEXs. This special feature makes it possible to trade BRC-20 tokens via a variety of sell orders, providing increased trading flexibility and making it simple for users to go from minting fresh inscribed tokens on Bitget Wallet to actively trading them on the Bitget Exchange.

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