New Mollars ICO Token may see Bigger ROI Yields than Chainlink, Fetch.AI, and Injective Combined

New Mollars ICO Token may see Bigger ROI Yields than Chainlink, Fetch.AI, and Injective Combined

A new token presale has been on fire for the last two weeks. It’s a prime contender to become the top ‘store of value token’ for 250-million crypto wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. With demand high and supply low, the ICO is now predicted to have higher ROI yields than Chainlink (LINK), Fetch.AI (FET), and Injective (INJ) together — +2122% in weeks.

Why is Mollars Token Presale Surging?

A deflationary cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchains, Mollars’ (MOLLARS) initial coin offering was launched just a few weeks ago.  Today, it surpassed 700,000 tokens sold and is surging towards 1 million.

The reason people are accumulating the token is because the message is clear. It offers store-of-value services just like Bitcoin but ‘Mollars Saves Dollars.’ It doesn’t have the Bitcoin-blockchain fees, which are the highest in crypto. The average swap of the $BTC cost crypto traders US$39 last year, a major loss.

Now, with data charted on how big the demand will be for the new BTC alternative, predictions have been made. And this information could further drive demand beyond the DOGE, SHIB, USDT, and BONK traders already migrating.

Mollars (MOLLARS) Presale Token Predicted to Yield +2122% ROI 

According to an intriguing and detailed report yesterday, Mollars is positioned to become the highest ROI-yielding crypto in 2024.

Other syndicated reports published on CoinMarketCap, already suggested +9,500,000% yields over long-term, 10-years. This is suggested by the idea that demand is maintained for Mollars.

LINK, FET, and INJ Trending on CoinMarketCap

These massive numbers come during a time when ChainLink (LINK), Fetch.AI (FET), and Injective (INJ) brands are trending on CoimarketCap. However, neither of these 3 crypto brands has a ‘solution’ to a problem as big as Bitcoin-Blockchain’s fees, nor are they deflationary with a low token supply being minted.

A New Deflationary, Store-of-Value Token on Ethereum Blockchain

Mollars will only have 10-million tokens minted ever.  This is under half the total minted supply of Bitcoin — 21 million. With the current demand of 83,000 tokens being traded [bought] daily, Mollars will deplete the supply of whole tokens within 2 months.

Only 40% of the total supply will be available in the Initial Coin Offering of the new Bitcoin alternative, however. Currently, the cryptocurrency is being offered at the discounted price of $0.45 to traders via its official website,   

The other 6-million will be sold on a major crypto exchange at its full price of $0.62.

Injective (INJ) Yielded +1517% ROI Over 2023 Fiscal Year

In comparison, Injective (INJ) rose from a price of $2.50 to $40.43 over the last 1-year. That’s a 1517.2 increase. It had the most impressive run of the 3 crypto coins trending on CoinMarketCap.

Fetch.AI (FET) Yielded +198% ROI Over 2023 Fiscal Year

Fetch.AI (FET), which is the 122nd most popular crypto on the CMC crypto index, rose in value from $0.229 to $0.6869 over the last year. This is an ROI yield of +199.95%. Slightly below the 200% yield mark, it could surpass that today.

Chainlink (LINK) Yielded +127% ROI Over 2023 Fiscal Year

The third crypto, Chainlink (LINK), is a much more known brand and the 13th most traded on CMC. However, it saw the lowest increase of all. Going from a price of $6.66 to 15.13%, it went up in value +127.17%.

Historically, most cryptocurrencies see the biggest rise in price their first year, and since each of these has been past their first year without an increase above +2000%, it’s unlikely they will have a 2024 year with ROI yields greater than those shown above.

Most Cryptocurrencies Do Not See Higher Yields Than 1st Year after ICO

Due to the historical fact of 1st year ROI yields not being superseded in the majority of cases, neither $FET, $LINK, nor $INJ are expected to outdo the Mollars ROI yields this year. 

Possibly, this is why Chainlink (LINK) has already seen a small migration of holders who are infusing in the top 2024 ICO either partially or wholly.

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