HELLO Labs Announces Innovative Distribution Strategy for Its Killer Whales TV Series

HELLO Labs Announces Innovative Distribution Strategy for Its Killer Whales TV Series

Renowned Web3 entertainment company HELLO Labs has rolled out an innovative distribution strategy for its much-anticipated TV series, Killer Whales. This reflects the company’s unrelenting efforts to revolutionize the web3 entertainment industry.

According to an official announcement today, this highly anticipated show will debut through a dual approach, seamlessly integrating the power of both Web3 and Web2 premieres to captivate the diverse global audience.

The excitement starts on February 8th, 2024, with the Web3 Premiere on HELLO TV. Viewers will gain exclusive access to episodes using the $HELLO token, marking a strategic move to tap into the vibrant world of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Over five consecutive weeks, each new episode release will be accompanied by engaging campaigns, spaces, and collaborations with crypto media, building a grassroots following for “Killer Whales.”

As it seeks to transition seamlessly, the Web2 Premiere will hit mainstream streaming platforms from March 14th, 2024. In strategic collaboration with industry giants like CoinMarketCap, Hacken, and Casper Labs, HELLO Labs plans to gradually unveil the specific platforms, ensuring a tailored marketing approach to reach individual consumer bases effectively.

According to the announcement, the dual-campaign approach has been designed to engage crypto-savvy and mainstream audiences. The Web3 strategy targets blockchain enthusiasts, featuring X campaigns and collaborations with reputable crypto publications.

Simultaneously, the Web2 campaign employs traditional advertising channels, including billboards in key locations like Los Angeles, New York, and London. Also, targeted social media campaigns on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram will complement complementary out-of-home advertising.

It is important to note that this two-step distribution plan is designed to create momentum, ensuring “Killer Whales” makes a lasting impact across both crypto and mainstream audiences. Season one of the show is already available for pre-order, inviting viewers to dive into a captivating entertainment experience that blends innovation, transparency, and engaging content.

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