XT.COM Announces Listing of PLAYA3ULL GAMES (3ULL) Token on its Platform

XT.COM Announces Listing of PLAYA3ULL GAMES (3ULL) Token on its Platform

Innovative and socially infused trading platform XT.COM, in a recent announcement, revealed it has officially listed PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ native asset, the 3ULL token, within its innovation zone.

XT.COM Partners PLAYA3ULL GAMES to Foster Decentralized Gaming

This remarkable partnership between XT.COM and PLAYA3ULL GAMES has seen the 3ULL/USDT trading pair go live, starting on January 4, 2024, at 08:00 (UTC), opening new horizons for the fusion of cryptocurrency and gaming.

The 3ULL token serves as the backbone of the PLAYA3ULL GAMES blockchain, fueling its diverse array of games. With a total supply of 50 billion coins, the 3ULL token operates as the native currency within the gaming ecosystem, ensuring efficient and seamless transactions.

It is important to note that PLAYA3ULL GAMES stands out as a trailblazing initiative, gaining considerable traction in the crypto gaming landscape. The PLAYA3ULL MAINNET, built on an Avalanche Subnet foundation, ensures security, scalability, and rapid transaction capabilities, which is ideal for gaming applications.

According to the announcement, PLAYA3ULL GAMES has strategically designed the tokenomics of 3ULL, integrating a sustainable economic model. The daily coin release of 13,698,630 3ULL coins is distributed evenly between node owners and operational allocations. This approach sustains ongoing developments and game procurement, fostering a balanced and expanding ecosystem.

Moreso, the innovative aspect of the 3ULL token lies in its coin distribution strategy, including mechanisms such as node rewards adjustment and deliberate coin burning. These measures aim to enhance the token’s longevity, value, and sustainability.

Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM, emphasized the groundbreaking fusion of decentralized gaming and sustainable tokenomics represented by the 3ULL token within the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. 

“Listing the 3ULL token on marks a significant milestone for both the cryptocurrency and gaming industries,” says Albin.

Nonetheless, PLAYA3ULL GAMES offers a user-friendly dApp, a centralized hub for engaging with blockchains. From purchasing nodes and claiming rewards to minting NFTs and participating in events, users can expect a multifaceted and dynamic experience within the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. Hence, its integration with XT.COM is set to expose its remarkable gaming ecosystem to a broader audience.

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