ICO of Mollars, the Bitcoin Killer, having an Incredible Explosion in Token Presales

ICO of Mollars, the Bitcoin Killer, having an Incredible Explosion in Token Presales

The ICO of Mollars token, the Bitcoin killer, saw a major explosion in the first round of token presales. After numerous predictions about aftershocks of USDT, SHIB, BONK, and ETH cryptocurrency holders migrating to the initial coin offering, the numbers skyrocketed as forecasted.

From the ‘sea of crypto investors,’  Fish, Octopuses, and Sharks have begun buying into what CryptoPotato calls ‘the new Bitcoin.’ A store-of-value [SOV] token for the Ethereum Blockchain, Mollars has the infrastructure and design to erase losses from the crypto market’s most expensive block to swap on — Bitcoin.

In the 4th quarter of 2023, one crypto whale lost $3.1-million in one trade due to $BTC trading fees. The money lost in that swappage fees is more than what 100 Americans of some job fields make yearly combined.

Mollars saves dollars, and the slogan is making its way through crypto communities to increase adoption of the new SOV token for Ethereum’s Blockchain.

Mollars Saves Dollars For Every Crypto Trader Trading For $BTC From Outside The Bitcoin-Blockchain

Using $MOLLARS over $BTC is not just for Ethereum-Blockchain users either. Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bonk Inu (BONK), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), and all other blockchains will also find advantages in using Mollars. Swapping fees for Mollars will be less costly than Bitcoin for all who need a decentralized SOV token. The Ethereum blockchain has lower trading costs regardless of whether the trade comes from the same chain or a cross-chain crypto source.

Also, it’s worthy noting that Crypto’s range of sea creatures is swimming into the Mollars initial coin offering due to ROI projections from various media outlets. A report on CoinMarketcap via Blockchainreporter gives a ‘wildcard prediction’ for long-term holders to receive an astounding +9,500,000% ROI.

The yields are calculated based on the idea that Mollars follows the same trajectory as Bitcoin from its ICO stage. Holders of the $BTC initial coin offering in 2011 saw gains of +20,000,000% over a decade, which shattered ROI records across all markets, including gold, stock, and other commodities.

Bitcoin Killer Will Be More Scarce Than $BTC

With half the total maximum supply of Bitcoin ($BTC), however, Mollar is going to be more scarce. This could have an even greater impact on how fast the $MOLLARS token rises in value, especially with the heightened reception level being seen so far in its initial coin offering.

As of Monday, January 8th, the Mollars ICO has sold just over 150,000 tokens and is well on its way to closing out its first round phase. At a price of US0.30 [cents] per token, just over US$46,800 has been raised.

Based on the sales volume today, it’s likely the ‘Bitcoin Killer’ token presale will surpass US$50,000 before Tuesday, January 9th. Sites earlier today were reporting the ICO had surpassed 111,000 tokens sold, a testament to Mollars brand’s resounding success in reaching the crypto audience early.

Keep up with the latest presale stats via, the official Mollars website and private exchange to purchase $MOLLARS at a discounted rate before it goes live on a public crypto exchange.

Various reports suggest crypto holders wishing to maximize their ROI yields infuse before the cryptocurrency’s 2nd round ends. After 200,000 tokens, the first round of the ICO phase will close, and the 2nd will begin.

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