Socrates and Web3Debate: Driving Deep Debate about Hot Topics

Socrates and Web3Debate: Driving Deep Debate about Hot Topics

Socrates, the world’s first debate2earn platform combining Social-Fi and Game-Fi, has attracted global attention with its unique social platform. Users can ask multiple-choice questions and participate in voting as a form of debate on the Socrates platform, earning rewards for their valuable contributions.

Their aim of deepening social interactions goes far beyond the web3 space; the platform is not only committed to continuously optimising its product but also to provide a space for thriving debate on web2 platforms. Socrates’s mission is to ‘let the world see different options’, dedicated to providing an arena allowing individuals to understand unique points of view from people across the globe and drive human society towards a more rational, inclusive, equal, and open direction.

Since Socrates’ launch in November 2023, they, along with their partner @Web3Debate, have successfully hosted over eight debates in both Chinese and English. Attracting a total of more than 500 industry professionals and an audience of 600,000+, each debate has seen prominent industry figures, investors, and innovators discussing some of the world’s most pressing issues, from philosophy to blockchain and SocialFi. 

In a World Where Inscriptions Promise 100x Returns, Do you Trust in Their Future?

The fierce debates kicked off in December with a discussion about the new technology of Bitcoin inscriptions, involving web3 KOL’s @Moon1ightSt and @0xMiracle, the Director of Research at Nswap. Here, they discussed the hot topic of whether they are sustainable and how they will develop. Several participants gave similar viewpoints, such as Qin Xiaofeng, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Odaily Post, believing that inscriptions play a vital role in contributing to the prosperity of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Brenda, Product Manager at OKLink, argued for the development of inscriptions from a product perspective, emphasising the significant profits for miners. 

However, about whether a new chain should be created specifically for the development of inscriptions, guests held contradictory opinions. Some argued that each new chain should have a unique narrative and be optimistic about its development, while others expressed reservations, fearing that a new chain might compromise the decentralisation of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Coin Circle Bird Nobleman also warned participants about the hazards of getting involved in token speculation, pointing out that it’s important to be mindful of the timing when participating. They gave examples of the past Tulip Fever in the Netherlands that turned out to be just hype, and fluctuations in the prices of Stepn’s shoes last year, where both BSC and SOL shoes continued to decline. The debate highlighted the diverse perspectives and insights towards an emerging technology.

Romance in the Crypto Circle: Get Rich or go Bankrupt Together?

In addition to serious discussions, there are also everyday debates. In a session discussing whether to date someone from the same industry in the cryptocurrency circle, we witnessed a lighthearted debate. Participants like web3 builder @Paris13Jeanne and NFT artist @Maoli_artist shared the benefits of dating within the industry, whilst social media influencer @zoeyieth and Ritmex Founder @discountifu argued that conflicts arising from work-related issues make it preferable not to date someone from the same industry. Who says debates have to be serious? Each person’s unique experiences or anecdotes from their friends contributed to diverse perspectives, and maybe even encouraged each other to date within the crypto industry!

Will Socrates Lead the Web3 Industry Towards Mass Adoption?

As a rapidly developing web3 platform, Socrates is committed to listening to user feedback and meeting web3 users’ needs. Therefore, at the start of 2024, the Web3Debate Program shifted the focus back to Socrates’ products and SocialFi itself.

Several experienced SocialFi players, researchers in the SocialFi field, and industry experts shared their experiences with Socrates and discussed whether Socrates can lead the web3 industry towards mass adoption.The AWSB Co-Founder from Silicon Valley mentioned that the UI of Socrates was beautifully designed, providing users with an engaging visual experience that encouraged them to participate. David, the CEO of web3 video platform Whistle, believes Socrates is playing a crucial role in leading the development of the web3 industry by giving individuals a place to see people’s thoughts in an often confusing, overwhelming world.

Some participants highlighted that whilst Socrates is fun and provides intuitive ways for users to engage in social interaction, the platform is not straightforward or rapid enough in delivering rewards for users. In other words, there is an insufficient “Fi” element to the product. These valuable opinions have already driven Socrates to further enhance their product, where they will soon upgrade their SBT Pen to the Pioneer NFT Pen, allowing users to trade unique NFT Pens as another form of reward. Additionally, Socrates will introduce the Pop Quiz, a new type of debate lasting just 60 minutes, where participants answer questions and the correct answers and rewards are revealed immediately. These adjustments aim to better meet user needs, making Socrates a more user-friendly debate platform.

Socrates is not just a debate platform but a place that gathers collective wisdom, driving social innovation. We’re committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse debate space, ensuring that the combination of social interaction and gaming goes beyond ideology and is reflected in user interactions. Through debates, we gain valuable opinions, using it not only as a driving force for Socrates’ product improvement but to promote societal progress and broaden the boundaries of human thought. In the coming weeks, Socrates has further plans to continue their debate sessions and invite more renowned industry-leaders to participate. 

Listen to Socrates’ past and future debates on Twitter, and join Socrates to participate in the debate and witness more exciting discussions and intellectual collisions in the space.

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