Oasys Partners with Datachain and TOKI to enhance the interoperability of web3 games built on Oasys

Oasys Partners with Datachain and TOKI to enhance the interoperability of web3 games built on Oasys

Top blockchain for games Oasys has formed partnerships with TOKI and Datachain in order to improve web3 games developed on Oasys’ interoperability. This agreement is the most recent in a string of prominent ones that Oasys has entered into as it develops its ecosystem and moves forward with its plan. As part of this vision, the blockchain will highlight three key pillars: interoperability, ecosystem, and killer content, with the previously announced “Dragon Update.” Part one of that trident is reflected in the collaboration with Datachain and TOKI.

Prominent for its inventive blockchain exploration and advancement, Datachain contributes its internationally acknowledged IBC technology to the collaboration. With numerous awards from the Interchain Foundation, Datachain has unmatched experience with IBC. As a trailblazer in the creation of IBC-based cross-chain bridges, TOKI will assist Oasys in optimizing the industry-recognized interoperability protocol to enhance the gaming user experience.

“At Oasys, we passionately believe that the future of blockchain gaming hinges on providing unique experiences that are only possible through blockchain technology,” said Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys.

“One of the key elements to achieving this will be the interoperability of games – for example: giving players the ability to make single-click, cross-chain transactions across multiple networks. By collaborating with Datachain and TOKI and integrating IBC, the go-to standard for web3 interoperability, we will deliver for gamers globally.”

Oasys highlights the permissionless nature of IBC and its capacity to safely enable cross-chain transactions with built-in response features, in addition to the benefits of improved interoperability.

Even if the last 18 months have seen difficult circumstances in the larger Bitcoin industry, this collaboration highlights the well-known pattern of web3 players banding together and advancing user interests. NFTs on one blockchain in Oasys can be settled on another because of the inter-blockchain messaging protocol integration, which lowers friction for players and produces a fluid gaming experience.

The partnership also raises the possibility that stablecoins created by Progmat Coin on different blockchains may one day be used by Oasys applications with just one click. Progmat, a provider of digital asset infrastructure, already has partnerships with TOKI and Datachain.

Numerous significant gaming firms, such as SEGA, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and others, have endorsed Oasys as the blockchain tailored specifically for gaming, and they all serve as vital validators for the network.

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