Rebase Announces Launch of IRL Cup As It Merges Real-World Exploration with Web3 Gaming

Rebase Announces Launch of IRL Cup As It Merges Real-World Exploration with Web3 Gaming

Today, a leading innovator in digital innovation, Rebase, announced the IRL Cup, a revolutionary occasion commemorating the introduction of $IRL, the ecosystem’s native coin. The IRL Cup is a distinctive, immersive experience that goes beyond an airdrop and gives the Web3 community exciting opportunities to win prizes.

Rebase has proven its dedication to digital engagement time and time again; it has over 45,000 active users, and 700,000 kilometres travelled in-app. Rebase’s path will take a new turn with the three-month-long IRL Cup, beginning on December 24, 2023. It will promote physical activity and incorporate real-world movement into virtual points.

The user-friendly participation process awards points for completing different in-app tasks. Five million $IRL tokens will be awarded to the top three leaderboards (‘Play-time,’ ‘Distance Covered,’ and ‘Items Collected’). Unexpected brand and project collaborations heighten the excitement.

“The vision of Rebase may sound simple, but being able to tie digital assets and collectibles to real-life locations will be game-changing. It will open up an entirely new vertical for both businesses and creators to connect with their audiences and fans,” says Edmond Truong, co-founder of Rebase.

The IRL Cup is a call to adventure that encourages people to combine virtual gaming with in-person exploring rather than merely being a token event. Rebase keeps showcasing the features that set it apart as a unique platform in the digital sphere as the event progresses.

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