Cubera Automates Yield Farming To Redefine DeFi With Its Staking Platform

Cubera Automates Yield Farming To Redefine DeFi With Its Staking Platform

Cubera, a multi-chain staking platform, uses an innovative DeFi landscape with numerous rewards.

Cubera seeks to redefine the DeFI space by automating yield farming to open up various opportunities for its ecosystem. 

The team behind Cubera came together using their decade’s worth of experience to harness the power of DeFi and DAOs to create an open-source platform that offers users complete transparency, accessibility, and strategies.

The Cubera platform is designed to offer a streamlined experience, allowing users to manage and grow their portfolios. The platform also allows users to utilize the assets across various DeFI platforms.

Cubera revolutionized the yield farming process by automating compounding.  This has increased efficiency, reducing on-time efforts and costs associated with the yield process.

The platform comes with numerous features, each designed to make it easier for users to navigate both the platform and the market. These features include auto-compounding vaults, fair revenue sharing, the Cubera AutoSwap tool, agile integration, and cutting-edge strategies.  The auto-compounding vaults are designed to allow users to maximize yield in specific scenarios. The agile integration feature enables seamless integration with different protocols, while the Cubera AutoSwap tool streamlines the swapping process, making it easier for users to transition between different assets. On the other hand, the fair revenue-sharing feature enables Cubera users to enjoy numerous staking benefits including governance and profit sharing.

Cubera aims to create a strong staking network operating on trust and transparency. By design, Cubera has simplified the staking process, making it easier for users to earn rewards across multiple blockchain networks. Currently, the platform is offering asset staking on Optimism, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, and Base. Users have the opportunity to choose from at least 38 different protocols available on the Cubera website.  It’s worth noting that Cubera provides higher staking rates due to its fee-saving approach.

To join the Cubera ecosystem and start earning, users need to simply connect their wallets to bring all their assets under one roof. Despite launching recently, the platform has gained a significant following with over 1200 stakers to date.

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