Sonorus – Where Your Passion for Music Counts and Is Duly Rewarded

Sonorus - Where Your Passion for Music Counts and Is Duly Rewarded

Sonorus is a decentralized music voting platform seeking to democratize music discovery and recognition, enabling artists and fans to earn the rewards and appreciation they deserve.

This article looks closer at the platform’s mission to change the status quo in the digital music landscape. Discover more details on how to join Sonorus and earn rewards for backing your favorite songs.

How Sonorus Plans to Overhaul the Musician-Fan Connection

Modern digital technology allows us to listen to our favorite songs anytime and anywhere. Streaming or downloading tracks and even attending concerts happens mostly online nowadays. This worldwide approach to music is broadly affordable and accessible. However, the easier it is to push that “PLAY” button, the farther we get from the true spirit of music – the bond between artists and fans.

A musician’s recognition used to grow on direct fan approval and support. Artists would see their fan bases grow as they put out better songs. Conversely, they would lose the community’s appreciation and revenue when delivering sub-par performances. Meanwhile, fans would have the emotional reward that their passion and musical taste count for something.

Present-day streaming services have boiled down the artist-fan connection to menial metrics, such as the number of plays and likes. Musicians do not have an accurate representation of fan support, and vast chunks of their revenue go to the music industry gatekeepers. Moreover, music lovers everywhere do not feel like their preferences carry a significant weight anymore.

Sonorus aims to change this and revive the unbreakable and lucrative bond between musicians and fans. The platform operates as a dynamic, fan-driven community where music lovers can vote for their favorite songs and have a genuine say in an artist’s success. In return, they get rewards when their supported tracks reach the top of a fair and transparent music chart.

Artists can present their creations on Sonorus to a growing global audience that already has over 200,000 members. Unlike streaming platforms, their recognition and earnings do not depend on the number of plays and likes. On the contrary, genuine fan choices and votes show how much people like their music and the rewards they are entitled to receive.

Sonorus is steadily building the digital music industry’s future through blockchain technology and its unique TrendFi voting system. The platform is giving back the power to artists and their fans in an unprecedented way. Read on to discover how you can be part of this innovation!

How Music Voting Works on Sonorus

Sonorus was built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network and employs a dynamic pricing model for songs based on user votes. On-chain voting implies a decentralized, transparent, and fair appreciation of songs, ensuring musicians receive accurate recognition for their creations. This mechanism stems from the principles of demand and supply, where a song’s value and implicit rewards for artists and their supporters fluctuate depending on the increase/decrease in votes.

Every new song on the platform starts with a base price of 0.0002 BNB. Each vote it receives augments its value by 0.000002 BNB. On the other hand, if a user sells their vote for that song, its price decreases by 0.000002 BNB.

These values appear in a weekly-updated music chart where peak and stabilizing popularity dictate a song’s worth. Most importantly, its price directly reflects the Sonorus community’s preferences and appreciation.

Nominate Your Favorite Songs on Sonorus

Sonorus enables music lovers to introduce their favorite tunes to the community and see how many votes they receive. Simultaneously, artists can use the platform to submit their music and obtain accurate feedback for their creations.

Sonorus operates on the principles of correctness and transparency. To this end, it charges users a 0.01 BNB fee for every track they nominate. This ensures the quality and authenticity of the content submitted for voting on the platform.

Here’s how the nomination process works:

  1. The nominator pays the 0.01 BNB fee
  2. The song is instantly introduced to the Sonorus App.
  3. Other users can vote on the song and dictate its popularity.

This process ensures a seamless experience for nominators and rapid content refreshment for the community. It also encourages users to scout potential hits early, vote for them, and reap the rewards as the song gains traction.

Nominators earn a fixed percentage of 5% for all the votes a song receives. The platform incentivizes them to research and introduce potential hits and be active participants in the Sonorus community.

Artists can directly upload their music to the Sonorus platform. This feature enables them to set their earning percentage for every transaction. As a result, musicians gain more control over their revenue and can decide their earnings strategy depending on their fanbase and content.

Here’s how to nominate songs on Sonorus:

  1. Search for the desired song within the Spotify App.
  2. Navigate to the song’s detail page.
  3. Locate and tap on the music playback bar located below the page.
  4. On the song-playing page, find and select the “share” button.
  5. Copy the link provided on the sharing page.

This process will ensure you have the accurate link to nominate a song.

Joining Sonorus is Easy

Becoming a member of the rapidly growing Sonorus community is highly rewarding for music lovers and creators. It enables you to have a say in deciding a song’s popularity and helps an artist receive accurate recognition. Furthermore, if you are an up-and-coming musician, you can use the platform to gain fair feedback from potential fans. In both situations, you can also earn rewards for being an active community member.

You can join Sonorus by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the Sonorus on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up for Sonorus by using your email address or connecting your wallet.

If you do not have a wallet yet, you can choose the particle network option, which helps you create a wallet through your email address.

  1. Add any amount of BNB to your wallet.

Vote value increases based on the popularity of songs.

Congratulations, you are now part of Sonorus and can actively participate in our on-chain music voting mechanism!

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