Zeeve Announces Support for Coreum Mainnet Validator Nodes on its Platform

Zeeve Announces Support for Coreum Mainnet Validator Nodes on its Platform

Top-rated institutional staking and managed blockchain infrastructure provider, Zeeve has announced that it will now support Coreum mainnet validator nodes on its platform. The announcement was disclosed via an official press release today.

The support will enable seamless and easy deployment of validator nodes on Coreum without complexities. Zeeve is a leading institutional staking and Web3 infrastructure provider that helps enterprises and blockchain startups build, deploy and manage reliable decentralized apps, nodes, and networks.

Coreum, on the other hand, is a blockchain designed for enterprise use cases, which recently launched its mainnet to the public on March 24, 2023, after months of rigorous testing and development. Builders have been drawn to Coreum since its devnet launch in 2021 because of its best-in-class features, such as Smart tokens, WASM contracts, and IBC interoperability. Since its launch, the steady growth in the token price indicates investors’ confidence in this low-latency, proof-of-stake blockchain.

Zeeve Integrates Coreum Staking Nodes

By enabling support for Coreum, Zeeve is allowing investors and institutions to maximize yields while mitigating performance-related risks. The integration of Coreum staking nodes removes the technical barriers to entry, allowing more users to participate in the consensus of Coreum and contribute to its growth.

The co-founder & CEO of Zeeve, Dr Ravi Chamria, expressed the team’s delight on the new development saying, “We’re excited to support Coreum’s mainnet launch by providing a no-code deployment process for validator nodes.”

“Anyone with the required minimum stake can use our non-custodial platform for automated deployment of validator nodes with a few clicks while mitigating any performance-related risks. Zeeve offers institution-grade staking nodes with guaranteed uptime and security. By removing the technical barriers to entry, we hope to encourage more users to participate in the consensus of Coreum and contribute to its growth,” Chamria added.

Bob Ras, co-creator of Coreum, commented on the integration with Zeeve saying, “Zeeve was one of the first Coreum ecosystem partners, and we could not be more thrilled to have the project officially going live with Coreum mainnet.”

Ras explained that accessibility and reliability are crucial for companies to adopt blockchain solutions. Zeeve provides uninterrupted access to Coreum, making it easy to run a validator node and benefit from the ecosystem while contributing to network security.

The new development tends to benefit Zeeve’s 23k+ users and individuals and businesses who want to use Coreum’s features for their blockchain needs. Zeeve provides access to full nodes and elastic APIs, in addition to validator nodes, making their offering well-rounded for different participants in the blockchain ecosystem.

Zeeve has expertise in the Web3 infrastructure space, with over 4000 nodes deployed across 40+ protocols. Along with developer-focused services, Zeeve’s staking infrastructure for institutions is backed by an experienced team of professionals, ensuring high-end performance and enterprise-standard risk mitigation, as well as detailed monitoring and alerts for validator nodes.

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