Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Joins ETH, LINK as Foremost altcoins in 2023

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Joins ETH, LINK as Foremost altcoins in 2023

As the traditional markets face growing uncertainty and rising interest rates, the crypto market is on a tear, despite recent regulatory moves by the US. Ethereum is surging in anticipation of the Shapella upgrade. Chainlink’s new RoR mechanism can bring much-needed functions to the industry, and Orbeon Protocol goes live after its presale.

Ethereum goes from strength to strength as the markets look for alternative places for their fiat

Yesterday on the 5th of April, Ethereum crossed the $1900 mark, a price last seen in August 2022.  At the time of writing, some profit-taking seems to have occurred, as Ethereum is now trading at around $1884. It will be interesting to see if Ethereum can continue its gains and hold a price above the $1900 barrier.

We’ve been waiting forever for the Shapella upgrade that will allow Ethereum stakers to withdraw their rewards and their staked Ethereum and also provide network improvements, including a full transition to Proof of Stake. Although most Bitcoin is mined with renewable energy, the media often portrays a different picture. With the ESG reporting and regulations affecting ten countries, including the UK and the US, Ethereum using PoS looks good to holders. This could be another factor behind the recent bullish momentum.

Proof of Reserves on the blockchain could be game changers for crypto and Chainlink

As the crypto industry progresses and certain dapps and exchanges collapse, the need for more transparency is becoming clear. In the spirit of blockchain tech, a trustless solution is needed, and Chainlink has recently revealed its Chainlink Proof of Reserve feature. Not only can it be used for on-chain assets but also off-chain as well, to help people feel sure that everything is accounted for and where it’s supposed to be. Chainlink hopes that its PoR will become the industry standard.

In other news, Chainlink has started a kind of accelerator and group mentorship program. “Chainlink BUILD is a Chainlink Labs initiative designed to help both early-stage and established Web3 projects grow by providing them with enhanced access to Chainlink services and technical support.” The program now has 25 members, and the wider public can access some of the mentorship videos via Twitter and YouTube.

Orbeon Protocol amazes the industry with 6000% returns as predicted

Just as the downsides of traditional finance are becoming very clear to many, Orbeon Protocol was released as an alternative method for new and early-stage businesses to raise equity. Orbeon Protocol is similar to a launchpad but also seeks out non-crypto related and ‘bricks-and-mortar businesses to offer to its community. This enables better portfolio diversification.

The team behind Orbeon Protocol realized that using NFTs to represent equity, with all the essential legal info in the metadata, and then offering fractions of NFTs is a better and safer way and also allows a much wider group of people to have access to these kinds of deals, which are usually reserved for the very rich and those located in specific countries.  

Orbeon Protocol’s ORBN is proving very popular, indicating a lot of support for the idea, having launched on the 4th of April on Uniswap at around $0.11 and then skyrocketing up to $0.24. It will be interesting to see how high ORBN can go in 2023, as Orbeon Protocol starts helping companies raise equity for more and more companies.

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