Introducing Liz Charlesworth’s My Angel Warriors NFT Collection: A Message of Love, Unity, and Hope for Humanity

Introducing Liz Charlesworth's My Angel Warriors NFT Collection: A Message of Love, Unity, and Hope for Humanity

Summary: There are 2028 distinct warrior angels in Liz Charlesworth’s brand-new My Angel Warriors NFT Collection, which donates a portion of sales to UNICEF and represents love, solidarity, and hope for mankind.

TRARALGON, VICTORIA / APRIL 5th, 2023 / Liz Charlesworth, a born artist from Victoria, Australia, has been creating art since the age of four. With a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Degree in Visual Arts, she is a master of both digital art and painting, with a diverse range of styles including realism, symbolism, and manga. During her formal education, Liz Charlesworth exhibited exceptional artistic abilities and received multiple awards for her outstanding achievements in the field of art. Her subjects range from landscapes and portraits to painting various symbols to convey a message. Liz’s artwork focuses on various themes such as culture, spirituality, and locations that are dear to her.

In her latest venture, Liz has decided to hone her graphic design skills through her new NFT collection, “My Angel Warriors,” which is now available on the Polygon Blockchain. This collection includes 2028 individually hand-drawn fighter angels, each with its own special outfits, weaponry, skin tones, wing colors, and accessories. These adorable tiny angels are powerful and prepared to avert crime and anarchy on earth. What’s best? The price of each NFT in the collection is just $1 USD.

Liz Charlesworth created My Angel Warriors with a message of love, strength, and hope for humanity. Her NFT collection aims to promote multiculturalism and unity between all races, with the inclusion of ethnically diverse angels. It encourages viewers to question their spirituality and belief in divine beings such as angels that can provide humanity with protection and guidance.

Liz aspires to sell out her freshly designed NFT collection because she is new to the NFT industry. She intends to donate a portion of her profits to UNICEF in order to aid underprivileged children. You may channel your inner warrior and donate money to a worthy cause by buying an NFT from her collection.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replicated. They are becoming increasingly popular in the art world as they allow artists to monetize their digital creations. The use of blockchain technology ensures that the ownership of the NFT is secure and transparent.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind NFT from Liz Charlesworth’s My Angel Warriors collection. Purchase now and be a part of the mission to save humanity.

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