MBM Foundation Announces Partnership With BitForex Crypto Exchange

MBM Foundation Announces Partnership With BitForex Crypto Exchange

For its new launch, the MBM Foundation has teamed with BitForex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The MBM Foundation, a well-known charity supporting disadvantaged students worldwide, is excited to announce the opening of the ARTT Network.

A cutting-edge scholarship program with tokens that uses blockchain technology to provide unmatched openness, accessibility, and opportunity. The platform aims to establish a safe and open environment where contributors can keep track of their contributions and where students and curators may highlight their accomplishments and professional trajectories.

The ARTT Network’s salient characteristics are:

Transparency powered by blockchain: Because of the tamper-proof ledger that records all transactions and fund allocations, ARTT Network is able to provide contributors total peace of mind that their money is being used wisely.

Scholarship recipients will receive an ARTT Card or ARTT VIP Card, a virtual payment card with a Mastercard logo that enables easy spending tracking and reporting. To utilize ARTT tokens as a form of payment worldwide, donors and investors who buy ARTT tokens can apply for an ARTT VIP Card.

Curated job paths: Skilled curators will choose deserving students from low-income backgrounds to get scholarships and coach, directing their daily career paths. A minor scholarship will be given to curators as compensation for their mentoring efforts.

Professional profiles built on blockchain technology: ARTT Network offers curators and students the chance to display their professional and academic accomplishments on blockchain-based profiles, resulting in a “LinkedIn-like” service designed specifically for emerging artists.

Additionally, the MBM Foundation and BitForex exchange have joined forces to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the ARTT token on March 27. The token listing is slated to take place on April 6. The ARTT token will succeed thanks to BitForex’s large marketing investment, enabling the MBM Foundation to broaden the scope of its work.

Jason L., the CEO of BitForex, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration by saying, “BitForex is honored to partner with ARTT Network to support many talented students and young adults for a better future, and we look forward to witnessing what blockchain technology can bring to the transparency of donations. BitForex will always support projects delivering goodness to the communities, especially to our future.”

In order for the ARTT Network to be a success, the MBM Foundation is inviting contributors and supporters to join in on this ground-breaking project. Together, we can transform the scholarship environment and make the future brighter for deserving students.

See BitForex’s detailed website for the ARTT IEO subscription at

Please visit for more details on ARTT Network and to become involved.

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