Blockchain Platform QIE Doodle Storms the Space With Unique P2YE Game

Blockchain Platform QIE Doodle Storms the Space With Unique P2YE Game

QIE Doodle is set to influence a new dimension to the crypto space with its unique P2YE gaming platform. The platform has unveiled its mission to expose crypto gamers to a superior experience and exclusive, exciting rewards.

Launched recently, QIE Doodle is a blockchain-based platform allowing users to participate in a doodling competition with their friends or other users. Built on the QI blockchain, the platform uses smart contracts to ensure that the contest is fair and transparent. The platform allows users to create and join contests and provides a secure and decentralized way to manage the competition and distribute rewards.

Qie Doodle And its Exclusive Use Cases

To participate in Qie Doodle, users must use the $DOQ token to place bets. If a matching bet already exists, the player will be matched with the other user, and the game will begin immediately. If there are no matching bets, players can create a new bet that will be open for others to join.

Two options exist to acquire the $DOQ token for playing the game. First, users can stake $QIE, the native coin on the QI blockchain. $DOQ is the reward for staking $QIE. And the best part, the APY is not fixed but depends on the in-game progress and the player’s performance in the past week. Players who find a spot in the leaderboard (changes every week) will get higher rewards, i.e., more $DOQ. So it’s not just about staking extra on QIE Doodle; the achievements also play a vital role. Give it your best QIE Doodle and take home more rewards than others. Besides, while $QIE is locked for 250 days when staked, users can withdraw the rewards, i.e. they can withdraw $DOQ every block, to ensure an optimal playing experience.

QIE Doodle has emerged as a game that evokes nostalgia, excitement, and satisfaction, and it’s likely to become a fan favourite in the near future. The game’s popularity is growing steadily, with an increasing number of players, users who have staked the token, a rising TVL (Total Value Locked), and an expanding leaderboard. To join in on the fun, connect your wallet, fund it with $DOQ tokens, and start playing QIE Doodle today to experience the most incredible game of its era.

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