OptionBlitz Leverages Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol Arbitrum For Its Social Trading, Turbo And Zero-Day Options

OptionBlitz Leverages Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol Arbitrum For Its Social Trading, Turbo And Zero-Day Options

OptionBlitz, a decentralized option and social trading platform, announced ground-breaking multiple cutting-edge trading options as it prepares for its BLX token sale.

According to the OptionBlitz team, the platform will deploy into the Ethereum Layer Arbitrum in February. The deployment will offer unique trading options like Turbo and zero-day. Later in the month, OptionBlitz will run a two-stage BLX token presale running from February 28 to March 28, 2023. The first stage will have the token selling for 0.1 USDC/BLX; for the second stage, the price will rise from 0.1 to 0.4 USDC/BLX.

The Arbitrum Protocol underpins all of OptionBlitz’s trading, including Barrier, Zero-day, American/European options, and Turbo, the world’s first DeFi Perpetual option. Currently, OptionBlitz is the only platform that offers Perpetual Turbo options. Turbos are notably a new form of derivatives that cross between a perpetual futures contract and an option. With Turbo, traders pay an initial outlay depending on the leverage selected instead of paying a margin in other perpetual. Other characteristics include no margin, expiration, 1:200 leverage, fixed 0.1% TX fee, and 0% slippage.

Notably, OptionBlitz offers over 22 different trading pairs with unique features. Zero-day options have become a popular trend in financial markets. By design, the Zero-day options expire the same day they are purchased. This allows traders to take advantage of the ultra-short-term trade. These options enable traders to enter and exit the market almost instantaneously. Note the risk engine liquidates a Turbo if its barrier level is touched. The barrier level is set according to the leverage selected. The barrier level moves depending on a funding rate mechanism. 

Among the 22 options are American and European options with a maturity window of between 24 hours to 10 seconds. This reportedly provides traders with highly customizable trading control. In addition to the options, OptionBlitz has a liquidity provider program, offering traders excellent returns. The returns can be boosted by over 50% when USDC capital is staked with the platform’s native BLX token. 

OptionBlitz has also integrated social trading through its Web3-enabled in-app chat to promote community growth. The platform combines the in-app chat with free trading signals, indicators, and deep social sentiment analytics, built around its BLX token economy and incentive model. 

OptionBlitz hopes to become the most popular decentralized trading platform for leveraging trading, options, and investing in the coming days. In preparation for this, the platform will soon introduce robo-funds and decentralized managed funds to supercharge their trading community. Also, OptionBlitz plans to bring unique, unrestricted, and freely tradeable tokenized stocks making the platform a fully featured investments hub. This new development comes weeks after OptionBlitz launched its community network in January.

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