AURIX: The First Ever Crypto Exchange To Offer Cashback, Is Helping Make Crypto Sector More Approachable to Novices

AURIX: The First Ever Crypto Exchange To Offer Cashback, Is Helping Make Crypto Sector More Approachable to Novices

AURIX is a decentralized financial services ecosystem that operates on its own. It is the first exchange to provide cash rewards with every trade of up to 125%; more transactions result in more Cashback/Fees. Their primary goal is for crypto to be used like any other currency. To bring this goal to fruition, they strive to revolutionize the circulation, use, and investment of crypto assets. AURIX designed cutting-edge methods to make cryptocurrency transactions as simple as fiat currency. As a result, they’re aiming for more participation from newbies and a shift to more user-friendly financial crypto services.

To ensure that cryptocurrency traders can engage in their business without interruption while AURIX takes care of the grunt work, it has become their objective to develop a hybrid trading platform that is trusted, transparent, and secure. 

“I believe that Aurix solutions can bring to the crypto industry the simplicity that it is currently lacking. I want to create the best platform with state-of-the-art technology, and build it with love for the users.” – Majed Mohsen

The Aurix team intends to be more than an exchange by supporting technology-backed ICOs, aiding blockchain startups, and fueling the future digital economy. The AURIX team thinks they can accomplish this goal by combining resources and working with the government to implement the plan.

Aurix supports a Visa or Mastercard debit card as a payment option. Like traditional fiat debit cards, crypto debit cards can be used anywhere in the world to make instant, secure cryptocurrency purchases. DeFi gives up to 9% cashback to the user’s digital wallet, and the blockchain network ensures the transaction is completed. There are no transaction fees when buying or sending cryptocurrency. To create a safe place to trade, they conduct regular security checks.

The Aurix App can also manage Aurix Visa/MasterCard. The app’s features include cryptocurrency and fiat wallet management, card application and data viewing, transaction history tracking, reward redemption, and more. There are several additional perks as well that come with using an Aurix card.

Aurix’s world-class security protects your assets, so you can trade cryptos without worry. It is the first trading platform featuring Cashback Rewards – the greater the trades, the more Cashback/Fees. Their responsive design guarantees your website appears fantastic on any device. Aurix’s trading platform is simple and straightforward, with all the necessary tools.

Additionally, they are about to launch the AURIX Chain that they have been developing for quite some time now. All of their services will be supported by AURIX Chain, a robust blockchain technology built for the future generation. Users may be sure that their money and data will always be secure inside the decentralized financial system. AURIX Chain is the backbone of every service we provide to our customers: it runs the exchange, allows for Cashback benefits, and guarantees a trouble-free payment and shopping experience. As AURIX solutions’ primary competitive advantage, they place the utmost importance on safeguarding the authenticity and compliance with our patented technology’s highest international security requirements.


Computer engineer Majed Mohsen, who also has extensive expertise in trading and coding, created Aurix in 2016. AURIX is a package containing Fast Trading, DefiCashbacks, Topnotch Applications, and convenient Web Plug-Ins. They make it simple for users to get at their cryptocurrency holdings, trade them, and use a wide variety of other helpful technological services to make their experience in the crypto sector more comfortable.

AURIX team strives to alter the conventional wisdom about the circulation, use, and investment of crypto assets. They built cutting-edge tools that make crypto-currency adoption by individuals and institutions as simple as adopting the traditional currency. Their goal is to get more people interested in cryptocurrency and using crypto-financial services, with the expectation that they would eventually switch to easier services.  

Media contacts

Company: Aurix. Ltd

Contact: Majed Mohsen

Telephone: +40.341.466.000



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