Homespace Metaverse Changes The Metaverse Experience With Superior Overall Experience

Homespace Metaverse Changes The Metaverse Experience With Superior Overall Experience

Homespace Metaverse, a community-driven social platform, is presenting the first futuristic metaverse that offers users a better reality that is fully democratic with decentralized services.

The team behind Homespace is reportedly working on laying the foundations for a virtual platform that allows users to add real value to owning NFT art assets. Homespace’s primary goal is to enable users to create a reality where they can earn, play, socialize, get an education, watch black and white movies or create the homes of their dreams.

All NFTs in the Homespace ecosystem are usable. All assets in the metaverse come in the form of NFTs, including lands, houses or furniture in this ecosystem. Note the team will create a personalized AI assistant that will come as a separate NFT for each user. 

In addition to usable NFTs, Homespace features many other unique features, including photorealistic graphics, aesthetics and the lasted technology like Unreal Engine 51, GPT-33, MetaHuman2 and more. Using these key components, the project replaces classical institutions with better substitutes, providing room for advanced educational systems for children, a new level of entertainment, health care systems based on AI, and even allowing users to get real jobs in the virtual space. 

Homespace provides an open world with social interaction that integrates 3rd party dApps and products from actual markets. While Homespace might look like other typical gaming projects in the market, the project is not a game. Homespace’s primary purpose is to continue the legacy of Second Life and bring those non-gamers and gamers together in their metaverse. 

Timur Suleymanov, the project CEO, explains:

“With the help of new technologies, the main project aims to bring all people together, eliminate borders between classes and provide new opportunities in terms of communication, economic field, and medicine.”

According to the team, they are in the process of presenting a demo version of their products that have been developed alongside Roman Vlasov, a world-known architect. Through the demo, users can visit three spaces: a poker room, a real homesapce and a digital interaction space. This opportunity offers Homespace NFT shuttles, a limited collection of NFT cars fully operational within the Homespace metaverse. The shuttles will allow users to fly around the metaverse or turn on autopilot to spend time with friends. The sales for the shuttles began on September 12, 2022, and are still ongoing. Note that those participating in this demo event will be recorded in the project history and get Homespace Citizenship. 

Homespace’s significant achievements so far are receiving an investment from Big Brain Holdings, an investment fund concentrating on pre-seed and seed phases of up-and-coming projects. Homespace was also ranked first in MoleDAO Hackathon and became an official part of the zkSync ecosystem. The project has also partnered with Gelato network for smart contract optimization

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