SOLDO CONSTANT LTD has found a business buyer in the UK

SOLDO CONSTANT LTD has found a business buyer in the UK

On 15 Aug 2022, the buyer of the international business system for confirming actions of SOLDO CONSTANT LTD (Bened brand) became BEYOND PAY LTD. The parties do not report the amount of the transaction at the moment. The SOLDO CONSTANT company under Boris Batalov has been operating in Britain since 2020; at the moment, the owner is Mr Dmitrii Sokolov.

The company SOLDO CONSTANT, specializes in the world chronicle of events in the blockchain system worldwide. Beyond Pay has agreed to purchase both the business model and the entire enterprise, including the hard mining and soft mining business models and server capacity and development staff. Negotiations were conducted for more than a year, as stated in the open message of the Bened brand. 

“Following the completion of all necessary procedures, control over the entire international business of the Bened brand will be fully transferred to BEYOND PAY. Currently, the Bened team continues to work normally,” the report says.

“The acquisition of the business of Bened company, which has serious expertise in the field of blockchain technologies and recording events in the blockchain, as well as in the field of IT solutions and services in the field of managing your life, is the next step of our expansion in the blockchain market,” said Dmitrii Sokolov, CEO of BEYOND PAY.

According to Bened General Manager Boris Batalov, it is “important for the company to transfer the business into the hands of a reliable player with a strong reputation and excellent future development prospects.”

According to the sources of the XT exchange, Bened’s profit for 2021-22 amounted to 9.8 billion BND. At the beginning of 2021, the company attracted investments for 5 million pounds to develop its platform for recording important events in the Bened Hash blockchain.

“Thanks to Bened Hash, you can record any event in the blockchain, and your cryptographic signature will be an unbreakable confirmation of the record. We have tried to combine security and hash functions, the use of which is in demand in various spheres of human life. BenedHASH is a native application that allows you to sign any event/incident/state with a rigid fixation of the time and hashtag of the event. All events are stored in a cryptographically protected blockchain database running in a peer-to-peer network and Java environment. I will not go into the professional side of the application of our platform, it can be used – notaries – to duplicate registers with signatures of participants; emergency commissioners – to photograph accidents, lawyers – to sign contracts. It seems to me that we have come up with something that is not yet close to the market. This is the world chronicle of events! This is a chronicle written by people who speak different languages, profess different religions, and live in different parts of the globe. With the help of BenedHash, I am sure for sure, the past, present and future of you and your family existed, exists and will always exist.” – the leader of the Bened company told about his project.



Boris Bataloff

Address: 41 central Chambers, Dame Court, Dublin 2.

tel +44 7360535070

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