André Legendre Seeks to Secure and Ensure Data Integrity Using Kalima

André Legendre Seeks to Secure and Ensure Data Integrity Using Kalima

Andre Legendre, the creator of the Kalima Blockchain, has set out to establish Kalima as the benchmark for all blockchain-based IoT applications. He described his strategy for facilitating the gathering, safeguarding, and monetization of data transferred and stored in real-time across several businesses.

Andre stressed the need of making sure that the data is collected, transported, and stored with a strong layer of safety, transparency, and sustainability in mind while discussing Kalima. All of these important factors, as well as the potential for data monetization, are what the founder of Kalima intends to bring together.

In order to enable various businesses and developers to create long-lasting DApps on the platform, Andre, the company’s current CEO and CTO launched Kalima in 2012.

“In practice today, customers in the automotive industry require just-in-time data exchanges to prevent common problems such as delivery delays. However, an error in data transfers can have a significant impact and may lead to a variety of penalties for involved businesses. Therefore, it was more important than ever to find a solution, and this is how Kalima was born”, he said.

Kalima has been providing companies with convenient data management tools that were previously unavailable. In this regard, it will provide an infrastructure where DApps that are dedicated to the industry can be developed. These have very efficient APIs that will enable independent developers around the globe to develop PrivaChains on which DApps can be built.

The Kalima Ecosystem enables developers to build DApps by giving them the tools needed to create these apps. Kalima SDK assists developers in creating and testing DApps on the ecosystem and the Kalima Privachain Tokenization Platform, where developers can deploy their own tokens. Developers can additionally take advantage of the Kalima multi-chain approach, which connects the Kalima MainChain to other widely used public blockchains such as Tezos, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. It is described as a hybrid private and public blockchain solution. 

By providing a robust, simple, and low-cost way for developers to launch DApps on the Kalima ecosystem, through PrivaCahins. The platform aims to build an industrial multichain network that is scalable for industrial purposes. Moreover, the permissioned aspects of PrivaChains will allow owners to have full governance over it, and the data within it as they build their networks. This will provide developers with more opportunities to connect and create value.

The highly skilled workforce at Kalima is helping the company grow and solidify its position as a key player in the global IoT market. The company intends to start an initial coin offering (ICO) for its utility token, the KLX, in Q4 2022, according to its roadmap. The startup then plans to publish its token on DEXs, after which it will focus on CEXs.

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