YGG SEA Joins Forces With Solana Ventures to Boost Game Development in Southeast Asia

YGG SEA Joins Forces With Solana Ventures to Boost Game Development in Southeast Asia

YGG SEA has signed a new relationship with Solana Ventures, Solana Labs’ investment arm, which will help the Yield Guild Games subDAO expand its activities in Southeast Asia. This exclusive strategic arrangement will result in the distribution of resources to game developers and the broader gaming community in the region. The collaboration is part of a $500,000 private financing round for YGG SEA co-led by Solana Ventures.

Solana Ventures will collaborate closely with YGG SEA’s national managers to offer training programs on how to construct projects on the Solana blockchain, as well as connect game development studios with engineering resources to assist with the deployment of new games in the Solana ecosystem. This would hasten the development of games and product launches in Southeast Asia, which has 225 million gamers and e-sports aficionados.

Matt Beck, Head of Solana Ventures said – “Southeast Asia is a major hub of innovation in blockchain games, and we are excited to partner with YGG SEA to build sustainable value in the Southeast Asian communities and developer ecosystem. Game companies should not only focus on monetization. Our plans are to build out learning and development resources to create real, long-term value in Southeast Asia, and ultimately help bring the best games and products to market.”

Meanwhile, as the number of titles available to the play-to-earn community grows, YGG SEA’s scholars will be able to play an increasing number of popular games built on Solana.

YGG SEA’s partnership with Yield Guild Games and its team of gaming industry experience puts the subDAO in a unique position to provide the region’s most exciting and engaging games while also assisting local players in taking advantage of the play-to-earn game model. The gaming community in Southeast Asia is an important element of the worldwide video game business, and Solana has big hopes for the region in the long run. Solana’s collaboration with YGG SEA is a huge step in the right direction.

Evan Spytma, CEO and Co-Founder of YGG SEA said: “The demand for play-to-earn games is higher than ever, especially in Southeast Asia’s countries. YGG SEA’s core team and country managers have a deep understanding of the cultural nuances in this diverse region, and have been building our community of scholars from the ground up since early 2022. The new partnership with Solana Ventures will give YGG SEA an incredible boost and help us offer the best resources to players and developers in Southeast Asia as we continue to serve the needs of the region’s gamer communities.”

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