Trader-oriented Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance announces listing on Pancakeswap and

Trader-oriented Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance announces listing on Pancakeswap and

Pera Finance is all braced up for its native token listings on leading exchange platforms including Pancakeswap and From what we call the IDO frenzy during the DeFi bull run, Pera Finance launched its native token $PERA through an Initial DEX Offering on DAOMaker. Pera Finance conducted a Seed Strong Holder Offering on DAOMaker in June this year. 

According to the announcement, this move is followed upon by the increased demand for $PERA. The sustainable yield farming protocol powered by daily decentralized trading competitions is one of the most innovative financial models in the DeFi era. 

With the DeFi shining a spotlight to revolutionize the financial landscape, Pera Finance is here to drive next-generation innovation by offering lucrative opportunities to DeFi enthusiasts to participate in trade farming, yield farming and DeFi farming. This move will be a focal entry point for various crypto & DeFi enthusiasts to experience the world of farming with ease. Kicking-off this announcement, Pera Finance aims to suffice the growing demand by these above listings. 

Revolutionizing DeFi by incentivizing both trader side and supply side for Liquidity Mining

Pera Finance aims to incentivize traders for generating a demand for the native tokens. Usually the supply side or liquidity providers are rewarded as part of the yield farming programmes. Pera Finance is here to change that. It believes that the current landscape incentivizes one side of the hook, failing to reward the other side that actually creates the real demand. It has introduced customisable farming programmes and decentralized trading competitions for users to gain the benefit of trade farming. With traders actively participating to drive daily volumes, Pera Finance’s objective to incentivize the trader-side of the liquidity mining program is fulfilled. 

As a matter of fact, $PERA has a wide range of utilities right from paying transaction fees, daily emission rewards, staking, yield farming and governance. By holding $PERA users will be able to participate in various multi-asset farming programs with ecosystem partners. 

Pera Finance has successfully completed its audit from Halborn reinforcing the security aspect in the decentralized space. Embracing core values of blockchain security and decentralization, Pera Finance is the first-ever notable name in decentralized trading competitions. The team has showcased a demonstrated history of working with several projects and a strong technical expertise. Currently Pera Finance is integrating various ecosystem partners to build a strong pipeline for trade partnerships in future. The current listings of BEP20 based $PERA will help the project pave the way to use $PERA on a global scale. 

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