Evercoin Launches Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Evercoin Launches Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

New York, NY, 12 November 2019 – At New York Consensus Invest Summit, Evercoin Inc. today announced Evercoin 2, the “safest hardware wallet”. Evercoin 2 provides a wallet and exchange for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies featuring a hardware wallet the size of a house key powered by YubiKey 5ci, the first implementation of its kind. Prior to this, users wanting hardware security relied on large, difficult to use and not mobile-first first-generation hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. Now every compatible YubiKey owner can download a free hardware wallet.

Evercoin provides all of the financial services users expect from a service like Coinbase, but for the first time ever in a mobile wallet, secured by hardware and fully controlled by the user. Evercoin currently supports 20 assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crypto users aren’t safe. Here are some of the threats we can address with the new combined offering from Evercoin and Yubico:

Hack attacks : hackers can gain access to private keys, the result can be total loss of all assets.

Exchange hacks : crypto exchanges can be hacked or go out of business causing loss of funds.

Key loss : users can lose all of their assets by forgetting private keys, losing paper wallets, exposing keys to bad actors, losing hardware devices. Chainalysis estimates that 2-3 million bitcoins have been lost permanently in this way.

Other user errors : users can input the wrong address when sending transactions

Volatility : volatility of crypto prices can dramatically crash the value of user assets.

ID Theft : hackers can steal a user’s account and identities thus enabling a host of attacks on the user’s accounts and assets.

“Wrench” attacks : attacks involving a physical threat to your person. Phishing Attacks : user email and social networking accounts can be compromised and information and assets can then be stolen from their friends and social network.

Evercoin 2 helps keep users safe from all of these issues with these safety features:

Stopping Hack Attacks: (Hardware Security) : Users are protected from hackers by YubiKey (a small key-like device) which cryptographically secures user funds.

A “Hardware Wallet” such as Ledger or Trezor will provide hardware security, but the following features are unique to Evercoin, especially in combination:

User Funds Protected From Exchange Hacks : the Evercoin exchange is non-custodial so users keeping funds in Evercoin can never lose their funds to an exchange hack. Your keys, your crypto.

Protects Users From Key Loss ( Wallet Back-up & Recovery ): Users are protected by patent-pending, non-custodial, user-friendly back up of wallets–enabling recovery from lost phones, lost YubiKeys and even lost passwords.

Prevents User Error : Evercoin provides the easiest to use hardware wallet which is literally like using a card key to a hotel room. Insert to unlock and remove to lock. Integrated exchange and QR codes reduce error-prone typing or pasting complicated addresses.

Allows Users to Respond to Volatility (Mobile Exchange) Sudden changes in the market can destroy the value of your assets. Instantly and securely exchange assets on-the-go with a YubiKey that fits on your key ring and your mobile phone.

Stops ID Theft: (iPhone and Android Biometrics): because Evercoin is smartphone based, it can take advantage of biometric fingerprint and face ID in ways that purpose-built hardware wallets cannot. By combining passwords with biometrics and hardware security, we can provide the world’s safest ownership

Avoid Wrench Attacks : yubikey is small and inconspicuous unlike most hardware wallets. Nobody will know you are storing crypto.

Block Phishing Attacks ( YubiKey ): by using an unmodified YubiKey, users can also benefit from securing all of their email and password protected accounts with YubiKey.

“Evercoin users deserve peace of mind. We protect users from hackers with YubiKey hardware—but we also protect them from accidents when they have lost their phone, their YubiKey, or their password ” said Talip Ozturk , Founder, CEO of Evercoin. “Accidents do happen, and we want to ensure that funds are always safe and recoverable.”

Evercoin is working with Yubico, developer of the YubiKey, a trusted hardware security provider with millions of users. Evercoin 2 provides the first-ever hardware wallet using the new YubiKey 5ci (for iPhone and USB-C for Android). All existing owners of YubiKey 5ci can get hardware wallet capabilities just by downloading Evercoin from Another advantage is that YubiKey is a general-purpose security device–so Evercoin users can also use YubiKey to secure their password managers,
messengers and email,social media and any number of other compatible authentication
systems, thus providing 360 degree protection from indirect hack attacks like phishing
or ID theft.

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Media Contact
Miko Matsumura

About Evercoin
Evercoin is a Silicon Valley based startup founded and led by Talip Ozturk, the creator
of Hazelcast, a popular open source in-memory distributed database in use at the
biggest financial services companies in the world. Having seen the power of open
source at some of the largest banks in the world, Talip was inspired to join the
cryptocurrency movement which combines his love of open systems and distributed
governance with his experience in large-scale high-performance financial infrastructure
and distributed computing. Evercoin provides the world’s safest cryptocurrency
ownership experience including a mobile hardware wallet, account recovery and
biometric identification.

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