Real Estate Tokenization is Booming: Meet the Leading Innovators Behind It All

Real Estate Tokenization is Booming: Meet the Leading Innovators Behind It All

Real estate tokenization continues to grow at rapid speeds across the globe, metamorphosizing the industry by converting real estate into digital token equivalents. These Real-world Assets (RWAs) are tokenized to enable smooth and secure trading on blockchain platforms, boosting transparency, liquidity access, and volume.

With this technological breakthrough in turning immovable objects into liquid, accessible, and now moveable digitized tokens, the real estate industry has seen huge growth as opportunities never seen become a reality.

The Main Innovators

Through this industrial paradigm shift, a number of leading innovators have appeared, providing a wide range of solutions to meet growing demands for tokenized real estate. Among these innovative leaders, Blocksquare is unique in that it offers tokenization services but also a platform to build blockchain infrastructure and Web3 protocols designed for real estate tokenization.

Let’s meet some of the lead innovators in the field:


RealT is a platform focused on the tokenization of properties in the United States, offering fractional ownership of properties and allowing investors to purchase shares and earn proportionate rental income.

RealT is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and ensures those looking to dive into tokenized real estate receive guaranteed secure and transparent transactions.


Propy is a platform that uses blockchain technology to allow investors to purchase and sell real estate. By creating a smooth transaction process for users, the platform maintains security and trust from the moment the property lists until after it’s purchased.

Propy is built upon smart contract technology, which reduces the necessity for middlemen and third parties. This makes the real estate transaction process more efficient and safer for users.

Blocksquare: Offering Unique Innovation

Blocksquare is a platform that provider tokenization services but truly distinguishes itself by also offering the development of blockchain infrastructure and Web3 protocols. The dual provision of services grants Blocksquare a competitive edge over the rest of the real estate tokenization market with its highly customizable tailored solutions.

The innovative leader in real estate tokenization allows clients to utilize the platform’s tokenization services while also offering a white-label marketplace and decentralized finance (DeFi) bridge, dubbed Oceanpoint v0.5. 

Built on Ethereum, Blocksquare can handle significant transaction volume transparently and efficiently without compromising on security or overall performance. This element is vital for projects that require larger-scale tokenization and expect rapid user base growth. Paired with Blocksquare’s InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), issuers and investors remain protected consistently through every transaction.

‘PropToken’ Tokenization Optimization

Blocksquare’s tokenization protocol involves the creation of ‘PropToken’ smart contracts representative of real estate properties on the Ethereum blockchain. PropTokens can be used and traded on secondary markets to gain exposure to increased liquidity unlike their pre-tokenized illiquid asset form. 

Through the platform tokenization protocol, users can enjoy legal safeguards, including corporate resolutions linked to tokens via IPDS. This ensures that token holders maintain all required enforceable rights to protect their ownership and legal rights.

White-Label Marketplace

Blocksquare offers clients a white-label marketplace solution that enables the launch of an out-of-the-box branded investment platform, including a broad range of innovative features. 

From know your customer (KYC) automation and peer-to-peer trading to stablecoin compatibility, Blocksquare’s white-label marketplace connects clients, investors and unparalleled tokenized real estate potential.

Oceanpoint v0.5

Blocksquare created Oceanpoint v0.5 to bridge DeFi with real estate tokenization opportunities. The platform enables real estate owners to access liquidity from DeFi markets, opening the door to substantially higher trading volume, investment options, and liquidity.

Oceanpoint v0.5 enables staking and governance activities through the power of Blocksquare’s BST utility token. This allows and encourages community governing, growth, and participation in all aspects of real estate tokenization.

Keys to Real Estate Tokenization Market Growth

Through the tokenization of real estate, market growth has been injected with unprecedented levels of liquidity, enabling the inflows of DeFi investments into a previously inaccessible market. Individuals and institutions can now participate in this market by enabling smaller investors to jump into the real estate space through fractionalized shares.

Unlike traditional trading of illiquid real estate, its tokenized counterpart is built upon the blockchain, offering previously unavailable ownership and transparency. Built on a public ledger visible to all and immutable, tokenized real estate investors can trade with trust.

With blockchain technology comes an expanse of technological advancements, like the progression made by Blocksquare. Through the automation of smart contracts, out-of-the-box marketplace solutions, and community-supported projects, platforms like Blocksquare greatly contribute to the ongoing boom in tokenized real estate growth.

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