PEPU Staking Promises ICO Holders Double Rewards

PEPU Staking Promises ICO Holders Double Rewards

Pepe Unchained (PEPU) is seeing massive success with every new day as the project’s presale continues and the funds continue to flow in. The token has even introduced staking since the launch of its ICO, allowing its new token holders to start earning rewards as soon as they get PEPU. Not only that, but the presale has a special benefit for those who join during the presale.

Staking PEPU is seemingly the same as staking any other cryptocurrency. However, PEPU announced that anyone who stakes their tokens during the presale will see double the staking rewards to ensure that as many people as possible would join this opportunity.


The information is easy to miss, but it is displayed on the project’s website, and so far, many have decided to stake their PEPU to benefit from this unique feature before it ends.

Since the staking feature was introduced, its community has staked over 199.7 million PEPU. Right now, estimated staking rewards sit at 801% p/a, and as of July 5, stakers receive 608.82 PEPU per each ETH block that gets solved.

What Else Makes Pepe Unchained Such An Attractive Option?

Apart from a highly rewarding staking feature, Pepe Unchained stands out from other meme coins by being the first Pepe-based project to launch on its own blockchain. The chain in question is a Layer 2 blockchain developed on top of Ethereum’s network, which operates as a Layer 1 chain.

However, while Ethereum has unparalleled security, it is still very slow and expensive. This is why Pepe Unchained chose it to build an L2. Ethereum’s L1 security will be inherited, while Pepe’s L2 blockchain will provide new speeds and scalability that ETH cannot match.

Thanks to these advantages, Pepe Unchained has been a major hit, especially those interested in seeing the new blood among the largest meme coins. PEPU views itself as a project that can potentially replace the original Pepe, which is currently the third-largest meme coin by market cap.

So far, its presale has raised over $2.36 million while selling PEPU for $0.0082596 apiece. Those interested in joining the ICO can get PEPU with ETH, BNB, USDT, or credit/debit cards.

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