Bitget Wallet Accelerates TON Ecosystem Growth With Launch Of ‘TONNECT 2024’

Bitget Wallet Accelerates TON Ecosystem Growth With Launch Of 'TONNECT 2024'

The TON ecosystem is set to experience accelerated growth as Bitget Wallet launches ‘TONNECT 2024’. TONNECT is an online event organized by Bitget Wallet, the leading web3 wallet for the TON ecosystem.

Bitget Wallet will host several interesting ecosystem activities during the event, including AMAs, opportunities for users to vote for their favorite TON ecosystem projects, and even educational campaigns centered around the TON ecosystem.

Through the event, Bitget Wallet intends to attract many Web2 users from Telegram’s 1 billion users through various incentives. As the leading wallet in the TON ecosystem, it wants to lower the barrier of entry into the crypto space for users interacting with TON ecosystem DApps and protocols, thus bridging the Web2 and Web3 worlds.

To this end, the event will feature a dedicated prize pool of $1 Million in interaction rewards for users exploring TON and Telegram ecosystem projects. Bitget Wallet will also offer gas fee subsidies that allow users to enjoy 0 fees when conducting transactions within the TON ecosystem.

The gas fee subsidies will eventually be extended to all users of the TON ecosystem and will lead to Bitget Wallet becoming a gas-free wallet within the TON mainnet.

Already, the wallet’s design offers supporting features for the TON ecosystem, such as seamless management of TON mainnet assets, cross-chain transactions of TON tokens from over a dozen different blockchains, and an array of top TON DApps, including ever-popular Tap2Earn games.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet,  Alvin Kan said: “We are highly optimistic about the TON and Telegram ecosystem. Through infrastructure development, innovative product features, and large-scale events like TONNECT 2024, Bitget Wallet aims to accelerate the growth of the TON ecosystem. This will be key in assisting Web2 users in their smooth transition into the Web3 world and in so doing actualize our shared dream of the mass adoption of crypto.”

Additionally, Bitget Wallet has used its strong brand influence to forge partnerships with several TON ecosystem projects. These include the TON Ecosystem Foundation, Catizen,, The Block, and Foresight News, all of which are supporting TCONNECT 2024.

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