SubWallet Integrates Polkadot’s Bridges And Swaps, Expanding Uses Cases On a Sleek UI with Easy UX

SubWallet Integrates Polkadot’s Bridges And Swaps, Expanding Uses Cases On a Sleek UI with Easy UX

SubWalllet, a non-custodial wallet, has recently supported Polkadot<>Kusmama bridge and Polkadot<>Ethereum bridge on its browser extension.

According to the announcement, SubWallet has also integrated the Asset Conversion wallet on its web dashboard, which allows swapping among USDT, DOT, and USDT on the Polkadot Asset Hub network. Notably, SubWallet is the first wallet to integrate these bridges and swap, marking a significant step in expanding use cases on the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Polkadot <> Kusama bridge and the Polkadot <> Ethereum bridges are among the many developments witnessed by the Polkadot ecosystem in Q2 of 2024. These developments are part of set innovations as the Polkadot ecosystem moves into the production and launch phase. 

Notably, these bridges are truly trustless and strive to significantly reduce risks, unlike most current bridges, which are, to some extent, centralized. With the launch, users can securely bridge KSM and DOT between Polakdot Asset Hub and Kusama Asset Hub. In addition, users can also bridge several tokens, including WBTC and WETH, between Polkadot Asset Hub and Ethereum.

Another development in Q2 was the Asset Conversion pallet on the Polkatdot Asset Hub. The pallet is designed to allow swapping between assets registered on the network. While these developments are game changers, they appear inaccessible to users without a friendly, clear UI. SubWallet becomes the first wallet to support them on a sleek UI with easy UX. 

Notably, bridging is supported directly in the Transfer function while swapping in the Swap tab. Reportedly, the process embeds cross-chain transfer. For instance, if a user wants to swap DOT to USDT on Polkadot Asset Hub and only has DOT on Polkadot, SubWallet prompts the user to transfer cross-chain from Polkadt to Polkadot Asset Hub. Once the process is completed, the user can then process to sap their DOT to USDT.

Commenting on the integration, Hieu Dao, Co-founder & CEO of SubWallet, stated:

“As a proactive agent in the Polkadot ecosystem, we follow ecosystem updates closely and are always one of, if not, the fastest to provide support. Polkadot has long been deemed unfriendly to users, and it’s our responsibility as the first touch point to change this belief. Bridging and swapping are crucial components of a flourishing DeFi landscape that Polkadot is heading towards and we want users to have the smoothest and easiest experience with SubWallet.” 

SubWallet is a non-custodial wallet created for Polkadot, Ethereum, and Substrate ecosystems. SubWallet seeks to bring users closer to Web3. SubWallet has seen over 1.6 million installs with over 800k active users and devices.

The Polkadot and SubWallet communities have rallied behind the integration in the last couple of days. For more information, visit the SubWallet X account.

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