News And evmOS Partner Up To Launch Lif3 Chain, First Layer 1 Solution With Curated Defi Contracts And evmOS Partner Up To Launch Lif3 Chain, First Layer 1 Solution With Curated Defi Contracts is excited to announce its partnership with evmOS to launch Lif3 Chain, the world’s first Layer-1 solution with curated DeFi contracts. 

The partnership aims to set new standards for DeFi safety, allowing for efficient, seamless, and secure deployment of smart contracts. According to the team behind, Lif3 Chain is designed for public permissionless use with curated contract development. Through the partnership, Lif3 is now compatible with IBC and EVM, the two most trusted blockchain essentials.

Lif3 was created to break down barriers to crypto adoption through the Lif3 Mobile App, a one-stop solution for investing, on-ramping and off-ramping, gaming, trading, and iGaming. Through its commitment to improving innovations, Lif3 stands to become a frontrunner in shaping the digital economy. 

While commenting on the partnership, Harry Yeh, Managing Director of Quantum FinTech Group, explained:

“Our partnership with evmOS represents a pivotal advancement in the blockchain industry. By introducing the world’s first Layer-1 solution for public permissionless use with curated contract deployment, we are enhancing the security and efficiency of smart contract implementation and democratizing access to this transformative technology that is revolutionizing DeFi as we know it. This collaboration shows our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the entire blockchain ecosystem, providing developers and enterprises with the tools they need to drive the next generation of decentralized applications forward.” is a groundbreaking DeFi layer 1 ecosystem that operates on Polygon, Ethereum, Fanom, and BNB Chain. The platform’s native token $LIF3 is currently listed on Bitmart, MEXC, and Bitfinet. Created for cross-chain dApp development, evmOS is an interoperable EVM blockchain built with Cosmos SDK. evmOS enabling projects to fully customize their chain logic to go beyond standard generic smart contract platforms. 

The partnership brings many other benefits, including introducing the first layer 1 blockchain and enhanced security through evmOS’s secure environment for deploying smart contracts. The partnership will harness evmOS’ EVM to provide democratized access to blockchain technology, allowing all users to interact easily within smart contracts. The partnership has also made the Lif3 Wallet more accessible and efficient, providing users with better access to their digital assets.

In addition, Lif3 curated contract development will ensure high-quality, vetted smart contracts, enhancing trust and reliability. The Omni-chain DeFi ecosystem will strengthen’s comprehensive DeFi offerings. This will reportedly enable seamless integration across multiple blockchain networks. The partnership will also empower developers and enterprises, drive the adoption of Web3 technologies further, and offer support that will foster innovation and growth.

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