SynFutures V3 Now Live on Coinbase’s L2 Network Base, Debuts Meme Perp Summer

SynFutures V3 Now Live on Coinbase's L2 Network Base, Debuts Meme Perp Summer

SynFutures, the onchain perp protocol for listing and trading any asset, is now available on Coinbase’s L2 network, Base. Traders and liquidity providers can now access SynFutures V3 through Base, earning SynFutures’ Oyster Odyssey (O_O) points.

In the coming weeks, SynFutures plans to unveil a range of new listings as part of the Meme Perp Summer event, an intensive six-week campaign to expand community asset listings and incentivize meme communities on Layer 2.

SynFutures’ expansion to Base is a significant milestone for the platform. With SynFutures V3 on Blast achieving over $100 billion in cumulative trading volume in less than four months, it has solidified its position as the leading perpetual DEX across various chains. Additionally, it has become one of the most active DeFi dApps in the Web3 ecosystem. With its cutting-edge Oyster AMM, which seamlessly integrates a concentrated liquidity model and a onchain orderbook, SynFutures is determined to revolutionize the onchain futures and perpetuals experience for all assets within the Base ecosystem.

SynFutures has partnered with leading projects in the industry, including SocialFi giant Degen and Web3 gaming protocol Iskra, among others, to launch Meme Perp Summer.

Among the new asset pairs are: 


Alongside well-known meme coins, SynFutures plans to introduce liquid staking derivatives (LSD) assets and liquid staking tokens (LRTs), which will play a vital role in enhancing liquidity and generating organic yield within the onchain space.

Listed LSD and LRT asset pairs include:

  • wstETH/ETH from Lido
  • weETH/ETH from
  • wrsETH/ETH from Kelp DAO

We are leveraging Chainlink, a decentralized blockchain oracle network, to ensure that our deployment on Base has reliable and secure price oracle infrastructure.

Fee Promotion for Major Asset Pairs 

During the Meme Perp Summer event, SynFutures introduces an exclusive promotion covering all networks and including popular pairs like BTC and ETH. Effective July 1, 2024, the SynFutures team will lower the trading (taker) fee for major pairs from 3 basis points (bps) to a mere 2 bps.

Furthermore, to streamline the trading experience, all traders will enjoy the top-tier VIP fee during this promotional period.

Expanding Oyster Odyssey Points

SynFutures wants to assure Blast users that the O_O points they earned during the Blast Season will not be affected by the Base launch. The total pool has been expanded. Rewards distributed on Base will be distinct from and in addition to those on Blast.

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