Cartesi and Avail Announce Close Collaboration to Advance Web3 Development

Cartesi and Avail Announce Close Collaboration to Advance Web3 Development

Cartesi and Avail are excited to announce a close collaboration that will greatly enhance web3 development. Cartesi provides developers with a full Linux environment, while Avail offers a modular blockchain framework that optimizes data availability for scalable and customizable applications.

This integration will provide developers with a smooth and user-friendly experience, utilizing Cartesi’s RISC-V Linux-based execution capabilities and Avail’s dependable data availability solution, Avail DA. This approach focuses on user-friendliness and streamlines the intricacies of decentralized application development, allowing for quicker and more effective project deployment.

By leveraging the modular stack, these protocols can seamlessly merge their distinct features, creating a highly resilient and dynamic protocol that surpasses the limitations of traditional monolithic stacks, which integrate all functionalities into one. With the Cartesi-Avail integration, developers can tap into the enhanced computational power and flexible programming environment of the Cartesi stack, all while taking advantage of Avail DA’s improved data availability capabilities.

“By combining Cartesi’s cutting-edge RISC-V Linux-based execution with Avail DA, we are setting a new standard in the ease and efficiency of protocol development. This partnership empowers developers to overcome traditional barriers, accelerating innovation and the deployment of next-generation decentralized applications. We are thrilled to enable this leap forward in web3 development,” said Anurag Arjun, Co-Founder of Avail.

This partnership between Cartesi and Avail is a major achievement in the web3 industry. With a dedicated data availability layer, you can rest assured that your critical transaction data will always be accessible and trustworthy. Plus, this solution helps to minimize the expenses typically associated with on-chain data availability. Ensuring the affordability and accessibility of dApps is essential, as reliable data availability plays a critical role in the smooth execution of transactions and contracts.

“The Cartesi-Avail integration brings into reality a powerful infrastructure for new possibilities and use cases in web3. This is exciting for us and a breath of fresh air for the industry,” said Erick de Moura, Co-Founder of Cartesi.

This partnership is anticipated to fuel the development of a stronger and more flexible ecosystem, focusing on enhancing the gaming and DeFi sectors. It will empower developers to freely explore and introduce innovative ideas without being constrained by the limitations of the existing infrastructure.

Cartesi provides developers seamless access to a complete Linux environment using its native virtual machine. Additionally, it offers high-performance rollups tailored to empower the development of cutting-edge decentralized applications (dApps). Cartesi empowers developers to build advanced and scalable dApps by seamlessly connecting traditional software with blockchain technology. Avail DA provides robust data availability guarantees for entire networks of blockchains, allowing them to scale seamlessly and without limitations. Applying validity proofs alongside data availability sampling offers strong security and improved scalability for blockchain applications.

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