Nubila Kicks Off Fundraising Round Led by IoTeX, VeChain

Nubila Kicks Off Fundraising Round Led by IoTeX, VeChain

Nubila, a prominent data oracle focused on providing precise and practical Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data for the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) ecosystem, has initiated its fundraising round. A diverse group of investors, including IoTeX, VeChain, Boston Consulting Group, OrangeDAO, MH Ventures, Future Money Group, SNZ Capital, DePINsurf, Kronos Research, Taisu Ventures, Bytetrade, WaterDrip, Deepin Lab, Assembly Partners, Cyber, Radiance Ventures, and Genopets, have collectively invested $2.5 million in Nubila so far.

This substantial investment highlights the industry’s acknowledgment of Nubila’s ability to utilize AI and tokenization to enhance decision-making, promote sustainable development, and create financial products incorporating ESG data.

“At Nubila, we are committed to building the infrastructure for the MachineFi revolution, serving as the ‘data sensor layer’ for our planet,” said Ben, the founder of Nubila. “Our vision is to create a comprehensive network of advanced weather stations and sensors that capture critical environmental data. Integrating real-time ESG data into an increasing number of AI models, such as Microsoft’s recently released Aurora atmospheric model, will enhance ESG assessments and drive more informed and sustainable decision-making across industries. With this funding, we are poised to scale our operations and expand our global reach, ensuring that we contribute significantly to the sustainability and well-being of our planet.”

The funds will be used strategically to expand Nubila’s operations, continue enhancing its state-of-the-art ESG Data Oracle, and pursue important strategic objectives. These initiatives aim to improve data accuracy, broaden the network’s reach, boost user engagement, and raise awareness about sustainable investment.

“Nubila is at the forefront of leveraging DePIN and AI to transform ESG data management,” said Raullen Chai, Founder of IoTeX. “Their approach to creating a decentralized ESG network of community-owned IoT devices, delivering hyperlocal weather data to enhance predictions for various industries is revolutionary. By providing actionable environmental data, Nubila is not only enhancing ESG assessments but also enabling more informed and sustainable decision-making across various industries. We are excited to support their mission and look forward to seeing the significant impact they will make on the sustainability landscape.”

This network showcases cutting-edge weather stations, the exclusive ones equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and cameras, solely dedicated to collecting comprehensive environmental data for precise ESG assessments. So far, Nubila has successfully deployed 16,000 stations across the globe, allowing them to gather an impressive 100TB of weather data.

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