CARV Targets True-Decentralization With Launch Of Alphanet as $35M Node Sale Propels User-Owned Data Future

CARV Targets True-Decentralization With Launch Of Alphanet as $35M Node Sale Propels User-Owned Data Future

CARV, the leading modular data layer for gaming and AI, is proud to announce the launch of its Alphanet, a community-driven initiative designed to strengthen trust and facilitate the seamless adoption of quality games and applications.

Alphanet is a $35 million initiative run by the 38,000 verifier nodes distributed in the CARV community. Alphanet is designed to allow node operators to test run the network, a crucial step in preventing system manipulation. This enhances the overall security of the CARV ecosystem with the help of two-staged smart contract verification.

Alphanet’s launch is a major step towards CARV’s mainnet launch and achieving its goal of true decentralization. Alphanet will help ensure everything within CARV functions properly, paying close attention to data validation and reward distribution. Note that Alphanet will closely replicate the mainnet experience, environment, and incentive reward system.

Since its launch, CARV has strived to create the largest modular data layer of gaming and AI. Nodes have empowered the CARV community to function as stakeholders, allowing them to control, own, and monetize their data. In addition, entrepreneurs can innovate based on the available high-quality information pool. By allowing its community to take charge of validation and securing data flows, CARV has reportedly evolved into a truly decentralized and scalable protocol layer where a decentralized data environment is possible. 

Commenting on the launch, Victor Yu, CARV Co-Founder, stated:

“From our successful node distribution to today’s alphanet launch, we are rapidly progressing towards a more decentralized and scalable network. Our community’s overwhelming participation represents a powerful mandate: people are ready for an open data frontier that generates value for users rather than corporations extracting it. With this significant milestone achieved, we can accelerate building the world’s most vibrant data ecosystem.”

Users began downloading and operating Node Operation software on June 28th, 2024. Notably, all node owners will be able to start running nodes on Alphanet starting from July 1st, 2024, to potentially earn test rewards. Reportedly, contribution to the data validation process on Aplhanet will allow node owners to take a share of the 25% of the total token supply reserved for verifier rewards. The more one contributes to data validation on the Alphanet, the higher their reward when the mainnet launches.

The Alphanet launch also builds on CARV’s commitment to forming strategic partnerships with key players in the industry. Recently, CARV partnered up with the double Inc., a trailblazing Japanese Web3 gaming company. double Inc. is the primary developer behind the leading layer 1 blockchain, Oasys, created purposefully for gamers. This partnership was forged to allow Inc. and Oasys run  CARV nodes to generate staked token rewards for voting in CARV governance. Other strategic partners include Neowiz’ IntellaX,  Animoca Brands, Netmarble’s MARBLEX, and Google Cloud.

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