Bitget Wallet Targets Markets Beyond DEXs With Latest Investment in Trading Platform Tomarket

Bitget Wallet Announces Joint Investment with Foresight X in Tomarket

Bitget Wallet and Foresight X have recently made a joint investment in Tomarket, a decentralized trading platform that focuses on emerging asset classes. This collaboration highlights the commitment of these industry leaders to support and promote the growth of defi.

Created by experienced professionals from renowned companies such as Binance and Microsoft, Tomarket aims to cater to markets and user requirements that go beyond what traditional decentralized exchanges (DEXs) offer. Our platform enables the trading of Real World Assets (RWA), crypto asset yields swap, crypto points, pre-TGE assets, and other new asset types, potentially improving liquidity and value discovery in these sectors.

When it officially launches in July, Tomarket will be available to users as a Telegram mini-app. This will provide users with a convenient and user-friendly entry point into the platform, allowing them to tap into the immense trillion-dollar market occupied by these new narratives.

In 2024, the crypto industry is set to experience a remarkable period of expansion, fueled by the Bitcoin halving and the anticipated approval of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. During this period of growth, there was a significant rise in the popularity and expansion of different asset classes and narratives. These included trading crypto project points, pre-TGE tokens, RWA assets, and the introduction of interest rates on digital assets. These new assets have significant trading potential and demand, but they also encounter challenges like limited liquidity and expensive transaction trust costs. In addition, the team strongly believes that the current market needs a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that can cater to the trading requirements of these emerging assets. Tomarket was designed to tackle these challenges and unleash the complete potential of these assets.

Expressing enthusiasm for this collaboration, Alvin Kan, COO of Bitget Wallet, stated “Trading has always been at the heart of the crypto industry. Beyond traditional token assets, new asset types such as RWAs and points deserve significant attention.”

He continues that Bitget Wallet will remain steadfast in its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of its users: “Through our investment and product collaboration with Tomarket, we aim to explore and develop markets beyond traditional DEXs, driving the growth of new crypto asset trading, thus cementing our dedication to catering to new user needs as they present themselves.”

Bitget Wallet made a strategic move earlier this year by introducing the Bitget Onchain Layer. This intermediary layer aims to assist users in navigating the intricate Web3 ecosystem. This layer functions as an on-chain extension and a decentralized future for the entire Bitget ecosystem. Tomarket will be seamlessly integrated into Bitget Wallet as the inaugural ecosystem partner of the Bitget Onchain Layer. This development will also witness the further expansion of use cases for BWB, the wallet’s native token. The strategic partnership with Tomarket signifies the start of a series of continuous ecosystem growth and user engagement for all Bitget Wallet users.

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