Raboo Leaps Past Meme Coin Rival MEW as DOT Proposes To Reduce Unstaking Duration

Raboo Leaps Past Meme Coin Rival MEW as DOT Proposes To Reduce Unstaking Duration

New coins are released into the crypto space regularly, but not all reach the top. Raboo, a new meme coin, has shown potential throughout its presale stages. With plans to displace projects like Shiba Inu and Pepe, experts predict it will increase by 100x on its launch day. The general market instability and dramas from reputable coins have pushed crypto enthusiasts into seeking bigger opportunities. That is why traders from projects like DOT and MEW rally to Raboo to make presale gains.

DOT’s price increase after significant decline

DOT reduced by 19.84% earlier this month, but experts predicted it wouldn’t be for long. Dot is now valued at $5.89, with a 5.19% increase in the last 24 hours. The project’s liquidation heatmap shows it could reach $7.59 if the trend continues. Hyblock’s data shows that $7.70 is the gravitation zone. Analysts advise to brace for further increases if DOT’s price surpasses this zone. 

DOT seems to be experiencing a lot of resistance right now, but experts believe there is no cause to worry.

MEW’s continues to show positive market trends

MEW’s price surges started at $0.0008 on March 27. By March 31, the coin reached $0.01, taking it to an all-time high. It then fell back to $0.0018 on April 13. Experts described this trend as a consolidation phase.

Solana’s new project, MEW, caught the attention of many earlier this month after the CEO announced it. It received support from reputable exchanges such as Bithumb and Bitget.

Mew’s price increased by 18% during the major listing announcement. Analysts described this surge as “defying broader market trends.” Traders can now get MEW for $0.004028 per token and take advantage of the 14.81% increase in the last 24 hours.

Raboo surpasses other new coins as it continues to attract users

More than ever, the world is now dedicated to developing AI technology. That is why the AI crypto sector’s combined market cap has increased to $29.45 billion in less than a month.

Crypto enthusiasts are now seeking the next AI-themed meme coin with great potential. Raboo focuses on creating a community of meme lovers. Using the Post-to-Earn platform, holders can make money from their social media accounts. Raboo encourages users to engage in competitive activities by combining social-fi and artificial intelligence features. 

Raboo is still in its fourth presale Stage. Its starting price was $0.003, but it now trades at $0.0048 per token. Experts predict it will increase by 233% during its presale, bringing it closer to the top 20 members in the industry.

The project rewards holders for completing tasks and posts. The rewards are then converted to real-world value. Holders who get on Raboo presale now do not have to wait till launch day to earn tokens.


Raboo’s price and market value are not going down anytime soon. Crypto adherents from DOT and MEW are rallying to its presale tokens. Experts advise others to get on the train now, as this is the best time to make significant gains from Raboo.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.


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