BLOCKX. Introduces 4 Innovative Web3 Solutions to Enhance Digital Experience

BLOCKX. Introduces 4 Innovative Web3 Solutions to Enhance Digital Experience

Digital solutions and services provider BLOCKX has launched a new integrated platform to streamline and secure digital experience. The platform combines multiple Essential services into a single ecosystem, thus eliminating the need to use multiple software.

BLOCX product suite includes:

· B. Desktop: All-in-One Computer Manager

· B.TXT: 100% Decentralized Messenger

· B. Marketplace: Distributed Computing Marketplace·

. B. Guard: All-in-One Mobile Suite

The new platform consists of B. Desktop, an all-in-one computer manager, TXT, a 100% decentralized messenger, a distributed computing marketplace, and an all-in-one mobile suite.

The desktop manager is the company’s backbone and main product, providing everything users need. You can download the Desktop software for Windows, which has most of the features already, but the full version will be available within the year.

Contained within the software are Malware Protection, Device Health, Internet Services, AI Assistant, Marketplace, Remote Access, Password Vault, and a Non-Custodial Wallet through which you can access all user tools.

TXT, a messenger that is 100% decentralized, is the newest addition to the BLOCKX project. With no central authority, TXT stands out from other messenger apps, offering more than end-to-end encryption.

It uses master nodes to connect users, after which they disappear, ensuring that communication is truly person-to-person and that your data and privacy remain yours only.

The web version of TXT is already available, but BLOCKX. hopes to bring the mobile version in the coming months. This one features SHA256-bit Secure Encryption, AXE & SEA Protocol, Wallet Connect, Sending Crypto, Chat, Voice and video Calls, text-to-voice, Message Translations, and Currency Swaps.

Another product, which is the distributed computing marketplace, is a user-friendly platform for everyone, including those who are not tech savvy, allowing them to rent in or rent out computer power. 

By adding a bridge with, BLOCKX. will enable users to rent out their computing power in two places simultaneously while maximizing their profits all in one place. The marketplace comprises features such as Rendering, Storage Rental, Custom Docker, Machine Learning, and Computing Power.

Also, as an extension of B. Desktop, BLOCX. will introduce B. Guard for mobile devices by the end of 2024, providing everything you’ll ever need for your mobile devices. This will feature Malware Protection, a System Optimizer and Mobile Booster, a Password Vault, Remote Access, a VPN, a Safe Browser, and a Crypto Wallet.

Upcoming News

BLOXKX has some exciting plans for the short term. These include switching its algorithm from X11 to Autolykos2, becoming ASIC-resistant and GPU-mineable only. This means anyone with a GPU can mine it from the comfort of their homes.

The switch became necessary to increase decentralization and encourage participation in and growth of the network. It is also an important step ahead of the B. Marketplace release on July 10th, which is one of the most exciting products from BLOCKX.

The marketplace will be the first of its kind, having features such as Automated Machine Adding, which is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Secondly, it has a Headless Machine or Manual Adding for a more advanced setup for non-graphical machines. 

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