ZKX, the First Social Decentralized Perpetual Exchange, Successfully Raises $7.6M, Debuts Governance Token

ZKX, the First Social Decentralized Perpetual Exchange, Successfully Raises $7.6M, Debuts Governance Token

ZKX, the pioneering Social Perp Trading DEX developed on Starknet and Ethereum, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing substantial funding of $7.6M. This impressive feat was made possible through a recent strategic round of investments from prominent backers, including Flowdesk, GCR, DeWhales, and other notable investors. Notable investors in the project include Hashkey, Amber Group,, and StarkWare.

The injection of funds will speed up the growth of the ZKX Protocol. This will enable new features such as social copy trade pools and the innovative expansion into cross-chain interoperability, which aligns with their goal of making perpetual swaps enjoyable and accessible to everyone. The protocol aims to create a social trading experience through gamified trading battles of perpetual futures. It utilizes its appchain to provide exceptional scalability and high-speed APIs.

They introduced their native token, $ZKX, on KuCoin,, and Bitget. The launch of the $ZKX token allows ZKX users and community members to actively contribute to developing the protocol in collaboration with the team.

The launch of $ZKX comes with the introduction of staking and airdrop features. Starting on June 19th, individuals can stake $ZKX and receive a portion of the platform’s revenue. The staking plans are strategically crafted to encourage a reliable and dedicated user base, vital for the platform’s long-term expansion and viability.

An airdrop has been organized to recognize and reward the dedicated individuals who have actively contributed to the community and embraced the technology in its early stages. At launch, 33% of the tokens will be unlocked, and the total supply will amount to 100 million tokens.

In 2024, ZKX plans to broaden its reach across various L1 and L2 blockchain ecosystems. If you’re interested in learning more about ZKX, check out their website at It’s a great resource for all the information you need.

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