Bitget Wallet Introduces Smart Money Feature for Solana, Debuts Cross-Chain Transactions

Bitget Wallet Introduces Smart Money Feature for Solana, Debuts Cross-Chain Transactions

Bitget Wallet has recently unveiled an exciting addition to its platform—the “Smart Money” feature for Solana, available exclusively on Bitget Swap. This cutting-edge AI tool meticulously examines on-chain data in real-time, closely monitoring more than 100,000 addresses associated with “Smart Money.” With the Bitget Wallet App, users can access professional investors’ trading movements and strategies. This feature enhances asset discovery and opens up new trading opportunities. This feature also includes Ethereum, Base, and BNB Chain.

“The popularity of Meme coins on the Solana chain has whet the appetite of our users for enhanced trading capabilities,” Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, stated. “With the recent introduction of the Smart Money feature and support for cross-chain transactions, we will further boost the activity and trading levels of Solana users. This is proof of our commitment to the Web3 community that we will continue offering them the most advanced tools and unbeatable user experiences, thereby providing ample opportunities for asset discovery and value capture.”

The Solana blockchain is experiencing significant growth, fueled by advancements in the DePIN sector and the increasing momentum of meme coins. The Total Value Locked (TVL) has soared past $5 billion, showcasing its immense appeal within the Web3 community. Solana’s impressive transaction speeds, cost-effectiveness, and groundbreaking consensus mechanisms contribute to an exceptional user experience, positioning it as the platform of choice for decentralized applications (DApps).

Bitget Wallet has comprehensive support for Solana and seamlessly integrates with the ecosystem. With the wallet’s native DApp browser, users can effortlessly handle Solana assets and engage with popular Solana protocols. This includes many options such as DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and more.

Bitget Wallet’s foundation lies in Bitget Swap, which facilitates seamless transactions within Solana and across different chains. Bitget Swap provides users seamless access to Ethereum and Base blockchain assets, delivering a dynamic and engaging experience. Experience the power of advanced trading features with real-time token market viewing, trending token lists, Solana transaction priority fee, and the lightning-fast “Instant Swap” mode for double transaction speeds.

Recently, the wallet introduced its own BWB token on the Bitget launchpad. After the launch, Bitget Wallet saw a significant surge of 23% in daily active users in the MENA region. Introducing the Smart Money feature will greatly improve the trading experience for its expanding user base and encourage more active participation within the community.

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