BetFury Announces $20M Cryptodrop Event To Grow Its Community

BetFury Announces $20M Cryptodrop Event To Grow Its Community

BetFury announced today its massive cryptodrop, offering over $20 million in the prize pool to incentivize its community and grow the BFG token.

The Cryptodrop is an initiative BetFury created to engage its community by offering rewards for completing different tasks. Participants will compete for their share of the massive prize pool of  $20,000,000. The Cryptodrop is set to run from the end of Q3 to early Q4 of 2024. For their engagement, participants will earn top-tier cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, USDT, and BFG tokens, BetFury’s native tokens. Participants can also earn free crypto while engaging with the interactive Fury Game. 

Notably, this event is a gateway for beginners to enter crypto. The event also seeks to enable experienced users to explore new opportunities within the BetFury ecosystem. Reportedly, the Cryptodrop includes a Referral Program allowing users to earn more crypto to refer new users to the BetFury ecosystem. For each friend invited, a participant will receive 1000 referral points. Referees will also receive 3% of the crypto earned by referrals and an additional 15% of all points received by referrals. 

BetFury has been working towards this event over the last years. The project has accumulated 350 million BFG, guaranteeing its ability to provide the promised prize pool. These tokens were transferred from the Community wallet allocated by the team over a certain period.  

The Cryptodrop is also aimed at allowing the crypto community to invest in the prospects of the BFG token. The BFG token has gained a lot of traction in the recent past, strengthening its position in the market. According to data from CoinMarketCap, BFG’s price has increased by 40% in the last month. BetFury employed different mechanisms to attain this position, including burning 33% of the token’s total supply, locking 48% of its circulation, and significant support from its active community. Particularly, the team behind the project locked up 1 billion BFG for the next 4.8 years. The team also transfers 100% of revenue from iGaming activities, BFG utilities, and crypto functionality. 

BetFury is a well-established ecosystem designed to offer users various earning features, including the BFG Farm, the Fury Game, Quest, and Cryptodrop wheels. BFG Farm is a uniquely designed feature that allows users to earn free crypto. Users can earn up to 96k BFG daily depending on their ranking level, which can be upgraded by collecting Wager points. Quests are classified into gaming, earning, trading, and social quests. Cryptodrop Wheels offers users up to 1 million BFG tokens.   The wheels are unlocked by attaining a certain number of points. 

To participate in the Crytpodrop, interested users must launch the BetFury Cryptodrop Bot on Telegram and create a Cryptodrop account using this Bot. The user will also need to read a short Cryptodrop overview and then proceed to launch the BetFury Bot and create or connect a BetFury account. The BetFury account is necessary to obtain rewards at the end of the event. Note participants with more points have a higher chance of winning the grand crypto prize. 

For more information, kindly visit the BetFury website. 

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