Nibiru EVM Set to Revolutionize Ethereum’s Capabilities for the Future of Web3

Nibiru EVM Set to Revolutionize Ethereum's Capabilities for the Future of Web3

Nibiru EVM execution offers impressive transaction speeds, scalability, and seamless integration for Ethereum developers. This positions Nibiru as a catalyst for mainstream adoption and innovation in Web3.

Nibiru Chain, a cutting-edge smart contract ecosystem, presents Nibiru EVM, a powerful Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) execution environment, highlighted in its latest v2 release.

Nibiru aims to expand beyond Ethereum’s existing infrastructure, which has a limited capacity of around 20 transactions per second (TPS) and often leads to high fees during congestion. These limitations prevent developers from creating high-performance applications commonly found in Web2. The Nibiru EVM breaks through these limitations by providing a throughput exceeding 10,000 TPS, even with single-threaded execution.

Nibiru has ambitious plans to upgrade its network to enhance scaling and performance. They aim to implement parallel optimistic execution for processing transactions, with a targeted release date set before the end of 2024. This exciting development was revealed by Unique Divine, Co-Founder of Nibiru. This approach enables nodes to leverage additional hardware resources, pushing the limits of the network’s transaction-handling capabilities.

Nibiru EVM is a game-changer in the development of Ethereum. It has successfully reduced barriers to entry and sped up development timelines, making it easier for developers to create applications that contribute to most of the total value locked (TVL) in smart contract ecosystems.

The Nibiru EVM provides developers with a powerful and intuitive platform for smooth communication between Ethereum-based tokens and applications on various virtual machines. Using multiple virtual machines ensures efficient transaction processing and a smooth user experience.

Developers working with Ethereum can easily deploy applications in a familiar EVM environment, which helps to lower barriers and speed up development. They can also use parallel optimistic execution and instant finality, which offer additional benefits.

Ever since its mainnet launch in March 2024, Nibiru has strongly supported Wasm (Web Assembly) smart contracts written in the Rust programming language. The Nibiru EVM brings developers an execution environment that is highly performant and scalable, opening up new possibilities. Nibiru is poised to significantly impact the future of decentralized applications, leading the way in innovation and paving the path for widespread acceptance.

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