iExec Announces Launch Of Enhanced DataProtector: Transforming Web3 Monetization & Ownership

iExec Announces Launch Of Enhanced DataProtector: Transforming Web3 Monetization & Ownership

iExec is elated to announce the release of an upgrade to its Monetize Version, a DataProtector developer tool offering users control and ownership of their digital assets.

According to the team behind the project, this upgrade offers DApp users, Web3 developers, and content creators a new method to manage and monetize their digital assets. Version 2.0 of the DataProtector “Monetize Version” comes with powerful tools that will enable the developers to create products and services that return control over digital assets to users.

iExec hopes to provide users with the flexibility needed to continue engaging with different digital assets without compromising on their ownership. This new version is built on the original iExec DataProtector developer tool. At the core of the DataProtector is the DataProtector core, which provides the functionalities for data protection.

The upgrade introduces the DataProtectorSharing module, which expands the toolkit with new SDKs. This module offers users different strategies that simplify digital asset distribution, sharing, and monetization. The sharing module supports different options for distributing a user’s protected data, namely sharing freely with other users, providing access to a recurring subscription fee, selling data ownership, and renting data for a pre-determined period.

Confidential Computing hardware secures these transactions using Intel SGX Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to ensure end-to-end encryption. iExec uses its RLC, a native cryptocurrency, to streamline the monetization process. The distribution channels are set out beforehand, removing the need for users to manage each transaction personally.

Commenting on the upgrade, Gilles Fedak, iExec CEO, stated:

“The DataProtector developer tool aligns perfectly with our mission to empower Web3 users to optimally monetize what they own. Developers can create truly unique Web3 apps that prioritize user ownership, privacy, and monetization. It revolutionizes the Web3 experience, and sets a new standard in the decentralized economy.”

Launched in 2016, iExec empowers Web3 developers with the tools to build apps prioritizing data ownership. iExec provides a secure framework that gives users full control over their data, allowing them to dictate who can access the data and for what purpose. This enables collaborations that open up more monetization opportunities.

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