BlockDAG’s Dashboard Spurs Growth: Targeting $30 by 2030 as SHIB, SUI TVL Crosses $1B TVL

BlockDAG's Enhanced Dashboard and Roadmap Propel $38.3M Presale Amidst Rising NEAR and Avalanche Prices

BlockDAG‘s dashboard overhaul has ignited significant interest at the innovation forefront, contributing to a presale boost of $39.3 million. 

This redesign has not only enhanced user interaction but also drawn the attention of major adherents, positioning BlockDAG as the top cryptocurrency for 2024 with a potential long-term price of $30 by 2030.

Shiba Inu’s Market Surge: A Significant Milestone

Shiba Inu has grabbed headlines as its market cap soared, achieving a significant milestone by surpassing Cardano to become the 11th largest cryptocurrency. This increase saw its market capitalization briefly touch $17 billion, settling around $16.9 billion, highlighting strong gains in interest and market activity.

This recent elevation in Shiba Inu’s status is linked to various factors, including technological upgrades and strategic developments. Particularly, the launch of Shibarium has been crucial as Shiba Inu surpasses Cardano. Shibarium’s improved transaction efficiency and reduced costs have strengthened Shiba Inu’s market position, emphasizing its growth path and potential within the competitive crypto landscape.

SUI Hackathon Spurs Ecosystem Growth

The inaugural global Hackathon for SUI marks a significant milestone that is expected to drive innovation and attract further development within its ecosystem. Despite diverse market conditions, SUI’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has impressively surged, recently exceeding the $1 billion mark, reflecting the network’s resilience and increasing appeal.

This rise in SUI TVL is propelled by key projects like Navi Protocol, Scallop_io, and CetusProtocol, which have shown notable success and popularity. The continuous increase in their TVL highlights the potential of SUI’s ecosystem, solidifying its position as a major player in the blockchain field.

BlockDAG’s Dashboard Revamp: Leading the Best Crypto for 2024

BlockDAG is attracting significant attention in the cryptocurrency market with a successful presale that has collected $39.3 million, thanks to recent groundbreaking updates to its platform. A key upgrade is the comprehensive redesign of its dashboard, aimed at enhancing transparency and user engagement. This overhaul introduces a “hot news” feature directly on the main page to update users with the latest announcements.

Further enhancing its platform, BlockDAG has integrated features that enable users to view their wallet balances immediately. This update adds convenience and gives users continuous access to their status, building deeper trust and connection with the platform. Another exciting addition is the leaderboard preview, which showcases the top 30 holders, highlighting the leading figures in the BlockDAG community.

These top holders, often seen as crypto whales, lead the charts and are eligible for rewards for their substantial contributions to the ecosystem. This feature has stirred excitement in the community, encouraging users to infuse more to rise in the leaderboard.

The rapid sale of 10.5 billion coins indicates booming interest and positions BlockDAG as a likely leader in the crypto market. Analysts are keeping a close watch, predicting a solid long-term price surge that could reach up to $30 by 2030. This forecast, coupled with BlockDAG’s innovative features, marks it as a top cryptocurrency for 2024.


As Shiba Inu surpasses Cardano in market ranking and SUI’s TVL exceeds $1 billion, BlockDAG distinctly leads in the race. With its innovative dashboard redesign contributing to a presale total of $39.3 million, BlockDAG not only captivates but also promises substantial growth. Positioned as the premier cryptocurrency for 2024, its projected $30 value by 2030 makes it an excellent choice, demonstrating greater potential than its peers.

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