Bitget Wallet Token (BWB) Launches on the Bitget Launchpad

Bitget Wallet Token (BWB) Launches on the Bitget Launchpad

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, and Web3 industry player has recently unveiled the introduction of Bitget Wallet’s BWB token on its Launchpad platform. The BWB token sale is scheduled from June 1st to June 6th, with its listing on the Bitget spot market set for 20:00 (GMT+8) on June 6th, 2024.

Bitget Launchpad is a top-notch token launch platform that allows users to participate in fundraising for promising and emerging projects. In exchange for their support, users are rewarded with tokens.

Bitget Wallet is not just your ordinary wallet. It goes beyond that, serving as a comprehensive decentralized ecosystem and a gateway for users to enter the world of Web3. As per its 2024 roadmap, Bitget Wallet has recently introduced the Bitget Onchain Layer. This strategic plan sets the stage for Bitget’s foray into Web3, positioning itself as the on-chain extension and decentralized future of the Bitget ecosystem.

In addition to being the official native token of Bitget Wallet, BWB also plays a vital role in the Bitget Onchain Layer. The Bitget Onchain Layer is fueled by a substantial $10 million BWB Ecosystem Fund, which aims to support and nurture collaborative projects that are being developed on the Bitget Onchain Layer. Integrating on-chain and off-chain resources is a crucial aspect of the Bitget Onchain Layer’s development. It utilizes Modular-feature DApps (MFDs) to provide easy access to a range of Web3 financial services directly from the Bitget Wallet application.

The BWB token provides a wide range of functionalities within the Bitget ecosystem, giving users the power to leverage various features. Token holders can engage actively in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of community governance. Users have the chance to stake BWB tokens and potentially earn rewards, which can significantly boost their overall potential yield. Once the Account Abstraction (AA) wallet is launched, the token will also be crucial in facilitating gas fee payments across various chains. BWB holders can now enjoy exclusive access to Bitget Wallet’s Launchpad, Launchpool, and Airdrop events. By holding BWB, users become eligible for airdrops from projects being developed on the Bitget Onchain Layer. This offers a consistent stream of value and advantages for token holders.

Throughout the commitment period of BWB’s launch on Bitget Launchpad, users have the opportunity to contribute Bitget’s native token, BGB, to take part in the sale. The price for the BGB swap will be revealed once the holding calculation period ends. After the commitment window is closed, users will receive BWB tokens according to the amount of BGB they have committed.

“Assessing the value of Bitget Wallet and the BWB token requires a broader perspective than that of a mere Web3 wallet,” Alvin Kan, COO of Bitget Wallet stated. “The decentralized future of the Bitget group lies within the Bitget Onchain Layer, an open and collaboratively built ecosystem that acts as an intermediary layer for user interaction within Web3. Within this framework, the BWB token will serve not only as the official ecosystem token of Bitget Wallet but also the heart of the Bitget Onchain Layer.” “As our ecosystem continues to develop, the BWB token will play increasingly significant roles in empowerment and application within the Bitget Onchain Layer, thus broadening its value discovery and recognition as ecosystem construction progresses,” he added.

In March 2023, Bitget invested $30 million in Bitget Wallet (formerly known as BitKeep), which allowed them to gain control and initiate a complete brand upgrade. Bitget Wallet has recently revealed its comprehensive roadmap for 2024, outlining its plans for developing the Bitget Onchain Layer. This initiative has the potential to greatly strengthen the platform’s position as a decentralized extension and the central pillar of the entire Bitget ecosystem.

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