Marine Moguls Launches on the ERC-404 Protocol With $2.9M in Prizes for Token Holders

Marine Moguls Launches on the ERC-404 Protocol With $2.9M in Prizes for Token Holders

Marine Moguls has announced the launch of its $MOGUL token on the ERC-404 protocol. This move follows its aim to revolutionize the interaction with digital assets through an ecosystem that merges token ownership with NFT utility.

According to an official announcement today, the launch features an enticing prize pool of $2.9 million, offering holders substantial rewards, including major prizes of 100,000 USDT and 50,000 USDT.

The $MOGUL token contract, identified as 0x0c9bb15b32334bDAA7Ad319FA356Dd3E8e184564, offers token holders unprecedented opportunities. Over 25% of these tokens are linked to a prize pool that includes substantial rewards like 100,000 USDT and 50,000 USDT, in addition to lucrative staking rewards.

Marine Moguls NFT Collection 

Marine Moguls is not merely a token and NFT project; it is an extensive ecosystem designed to reward its participants richly. Thus, Marine Moguls’ debut on the ERC-404 protocol marks a significant milestone in the blockchain industry.

The Marine Moguls NFT collection, consisting of 10,000 unique tokens, satirizes traditional finance while embracing the decentralized ethos of blockchain technology. Half of these NFTs are designed with attributes that can be merged or crafted, creating rarer and more valuable assets. This feature encourages strategic holding and trading, allowing users to maximize their returns through active participation in the ecosystem.

Central to Marine Moguls’ innovation is the ERC-404 protocol, which integrates fungible and non-fungible token functionalities. This protocol provides fractional NFT ownership and ensures instant, 24/7 liquidity. By allowing users to sell fractions of their $MOGUL tokens for instant liquidity or merge NFTs to enhance their value, ERC-404 addresses significant inefficiencies in the traditional NFT market. This protocol eliminates the wait times associated with auction-based systems and facilitates seamless price discovery.

Furthermore, the launch of Marine Moguls on the ERC-404 protocol on the BNB Chain invites enthusiasts and investors to join a rapidly growing community at the cutting edge of blockchain innovation. By integrating advanced AI with MetBot and offering substantial rewards, Marine Moguls is set to become a beacon of innovation in digital assets.

Marine Moguls and MetBot, powered by MetFi DAO, represent a fusion of AI and digital asset management utilizing the pioneering ERC-404 protocol. This initiative merges the fungibility of tokens with the unique characteristics of NFTs, offering instant liquidity and fractional ownership. MetBot, an advanced AI trading bot, enhances the ecosystem’s value by providing exclusive high-frequency trading capabilities.

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