Bitget Hosts A Series Of 20 Offline Events Worldwide To Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitget Hosts A Series Of 20 Offline Events Worldwide To Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitget, one of the largest trading platforms and Web3 company, recently hosted a series of global events to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day.

The Bitget team held these celebrations to commemorate May 22, 2010, marking the first real-world Bitcoin transaction. Now dubbed Bitcoin Pizza Day, on May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hayecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. In addition to celebrating this point in history, these events also attested to the significant growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem, which has seen BTC rise to approximately $69,000. Back then, one Bitcoin was valued at 0.003 cents.

The celebrations consisted of 20 offline events across the five continents. The events brought crypto enthusiasts, innovators, and traders together. According to the team, over 3000 participants came together to celebrate the legendary moment in history.

In preparation for the events, Bitget made a 3D video to spread the message. The 20 events aimed at general networking over pizzas while discussing the current Bitget landscape. Some of the most notable events included the Bitget Pizza Day meetup in Brisbane, Sau Paulo, Bueno Aires, and Taipei. In Tapei, The Bitegt team invited Steve Chen, YouTube’s former founder, who joined other crypto enthusiasts, to celebrate the day. In Australia, Bitget partnered up with the All Things Blockchain community and the Australian DeFi Association. Bitget collaborated with Domino’s Pizza in Sao Paulo to host the event. 

Notably, Bitget India announced it intends to extend the Pizza Day celebration running the event until June 16th, 2024. Bitget India offers all new users a 100% USDT APR for this campaign. Other partnerships included one with PizzaDAO to sponsor additional events in key cities including Madrid, Tokyo, Lisbon, Zurich, and more.

Commenting on the events, Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, stated:

“Bitcoin Pizza Day marks a pivotal moment in the history of cryptocurrencies. Celebrating this day reminds us of how cryptocurrency started from a novel concept to a revolutionary force in finance. It honors the early adopters who believed in the potential of decentralized technology and encourages us to continue exploring resourceful uses for cryptocurrencies. At Bitget, we’re proud to bring the global community together every year to celebrate this milestone and reflect on the industry’s remarkable progress.”

Launched in 2028, Bitget helps users make smarter trades with its pioneering copy trading feature. Bitget’s mission is to empower the future of finance by ensuring efficient, secure, and smart digital transactions. The platform has grown to record over 25 million registered users worldwide.

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