DICE Season 2 Airdrop Is Live: Here Is What You Need to Know to Join and Win Rewards

DICE Season 2 Airdrop Is Live: Here Is What You Need to Know to Join and Win Rewards

Mega Dice, one of the fastest-growing crypto casinos, recently started an airdrop that will distribute $2.25 million to platform users. The airdrop was split into three seasons, each offering $750,000 for participants who meet a single demand.

Mega Dice Airdrop Season 2 Kicks Off

Mega Dice has already completed Season 1 of its airdrop, and it distributed the tokens to participants who wagered $5,000 or more within a 21-day period. This is the single requirement for participation.

Gamblers on its platform can do it all at once or use smaller amounts over multiple days — all that matters is that they hit the $5k mark within this period. This is the requirement for each of the three seasons, and with Season 2 currently ongoing, the clock is ticking for those who wish to join the event.

According to the project’s recent announcement, Season 2 of the Airdrop officially started on May 15 and will last until June 28. After that, the project will distribute the tokens to all those who qualified to participate. The maximum airdrop per player is $37,500, and the more they wager, the bigger slice of the airdrop they will receive.

The $DICE Season 2 Airdrop is LIVE – Earn Your Share of a $750,000 AIRDROP! 🚨💰

Want a piece of the action? Just wager $5000 or more between May 15 and 28 June, 2024, and you could claim your share of the $750,000 airdrop! 😍 With a maximum airdrop of $37,500 per player, the…

— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) May 20, 2024

So, to participate, players must have an account with Mega Dice Casino or Mega Dice Telegram Casino Bot. They can place wagers in any cryptocurrency supported by the platform to meet the $5,000 requirement. After that, all that remains is to wager as much as they wish to receive a bigger reward.

Once the participation period ends, those who qualify will receive their DICE tokens in their casino accounts. The tokens won’t be distributed all at once; instead, the largest rewards will go out first. But, everyone who qualifies will receive their fair share, it just might take a bit longer for some than others.

Join Mega Dice Presale Instead

Another way to get your hands on DICE tokens is to get them in Mega Dice’s ongoing presale.

The project is offering its tokens for $0.075 apiece. So far, the presale has raised over $1.23 million, currently closing in on the $1.25m mark. The tokens can be bought in exchange for SOL, ETH, or BNB, so a decent selection of major cryptos can be used to get them.


With 50,000 registered users and 10,000 monthly active users, Mega Dice is an established casino with a massive community that will benefit from holding DICE. Some benefits include daily rewards, which depend on the casino’s performance; limited edition NFTs; bonuses for early holders; and more.

With such a massive community, DICE may see a major price pump upon launch. While there is still some time until the end of the presale, holders should consider DICE early before it goes live.

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