Aleph Zero Launches Alephoria Campaign, Promising Airdrops, Tournaments, and Rewards

Aleph Zero Launches Alephoria Campaign, Promising Airdrops, Tournaments, and Rewards

Aleph Zero, the privacy-focused layer 1 blockchain, has launched an exciting new initiative called Alephoria. It is designed to welcome Web3 users to its growing ecosystem through a series of interactive campaigns.

As part of Alephoria, users can look forward to airdrops, tournaments, and other promotional activities highlighting the innovative projects developed on the Aleph Zero network.

Aleph Zero’s ecosystem is bustling with activity, as dozens of teams are developing groundbreaking solutions in DeFi, web3 identity, liquid staking, RWA tokenization, content creation, and gaming.

Central to this wave of innovation is Aleph Zero’s high-performance blockchain, which leverages its modular and compliant approach to ZK privacy to enable these advancements.

The network’s unique features include instant transaction finality with subsecond speeds, powered by AlephBFT—a proprietary consensus mechanism that integrates Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology with Proof of Stake. Aleph Zero’s data confidentiality engine balances transparency with data protection, adhering to AML/CFT regulations, making it an attractive platform for users, developers, enterprises, and regulators globally.

AZERO, the native coin of the Aleph Zero ecosystem, plays a pivotal role in enabling web3 developers to create new products and generate sustainable value. For users, AZERO opens the door to various campaigns and rewards, including staking opportunities that allow users to earn additional AZERO coins.

To participate in staking and begin earning rewards, users can refer to the quick start guide available on Aleph Zero’s platform. Moreover, AZERO serves as a gateway to Alephoria, allowing users to engage in significant airdrop campaigns across the ecosystem.

Alephoria to Commence Major Campaign on May 21

Kicking off the Alephoria initiative is the Common Staking Drops campaign, set to launch on May 21st alongside Common AMM—the first mainnet release from Aleph Zero’s DeFi platform, Common. Common AMM, a decentralized exchange akin to Uniswap, offers a seamless trading experience with built-in bridging between Aleph Zero and Ethereum, as well as user incentives.

Participants in the Common Staking Drops campaign will be rewarded based on their staking activity, with increased rewards for longer participation. Simultaneously, the Common LP Drops will reward users engaged in liquidity farming, with these rewards initially being non-transferable but redeemable for CMN—the platform’s token—once it launches.

Notably, Alephoria is set to offer a variety of campaigns, each designed to engage and reward users within the Aleph Zero ecosystem. Upcoming and active campaigns include:

  • DRKVRS: A Web3 multiplayer action RPG set in a dystopian world, offering a presale whitelist at TRANSRAAD DAO.
  • Abax: A fair lending protocol with a Stakedrop where $4M ABAX tokens have been reserved for the first phase of public contribution.
  • Upcade: A web3 gaming hub powered by AZERO, featuring the Block Spector Tournament with a 70,000 AZERO rewards pool.
  • Kintsu: A liquid staking protocol with a live Testnet and potential airdrops for early users.
  • Aleph Zero x Galxe Takeover: An on-chain questing event with additional user rewards.
  • The Commoners: An NFT collection available to AZERO holders.
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