Season 2 of Smog Airdrop Hits a New Milestone as Traders Continue to Collect XP

Season 2 of Smog Airdrop Hits a New Milestone as Traders Continue to Collect XP

Smog, a dragon-based meme coin running on Solana’s network, started a series of events that together make up the “Greatest Solana Airdrop of All Time.” So far, the project has successfully completed Season 1 of the airdrop and is now deep into Season 2. Along the way, the project also hit some milestones, including the number of completed community quests.

SMOG Sees Over 7.5 Million Completed Community Quests 

To participate in its airdrop, Smog community members must collect XP. One way to do this is to trade SMOG tokens. However, alternative methods exist for those who do not wish to risk their funds, such as completing the Community Quests.

These are small tasks that community members can perform that benefit both Smog and them. By completing them, they earn XP, while Smog earns exposure.

The tasks can vary from following the SMOG account on X, Discord, Telegram, and other social networks to inviting new users, climbing the leaderboard, sharing SMOG-related posts on social media, commenting on specific posts, and mentioning SMOG tokens in the comments, and more.

As of yesterday, May 13, Smog reported that over 7.5 million such tasks have been completed, suggesting that countless community members perform them every day. Their window of opportunity to earn XP and receive rewards in SMOG tokens grows smaller each day as the project approaches the end of Season 2, but there is still time to join.

Traders Can Join The Airdrop By Buying SMOG 

However, those who have a larger risk appetite can trade SMOG and earn XP faster this way, although it does involve greater risks.

The easiest way to obtain SMOG is to buy it from the platform’s website. SMOG currently offers a 10% discount on all token purchases done this way. You can buy SMOG with ETH, USDT, or your credit/debit card.


According to its website, this is also the last chance to buy at a discount, as this opportunity will soon end. On the other hand, you can also stake any SMOG purchased this way and earn passive staking rewards.

In other words, SMOG offers many opportunities and different ways to earn more money, whether through staking or airdrops. All it wants in return is community engagement. Also, as a meme coin, SMOG has the potential to blow up if it attracts enough attention, so spreading the word about it is also of interest.

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