Cosmos Hub Approves $1M Grant for Dora Factory’s Innovative Quadratic Funding Initiative

Cosmos Hub Approves $1M Grant for Dora Factory's Innovative Quadratic Funding Initiative

The Cosmos community witnesses a groundbreaking moment as Governance Proposal No.917 sails through, endorsing a $1 million grant to Dora Factory.

This grant is earmarked for implementing a visionary Quadratic Funding Initiative within the Cosmos Hub ecosystem over two years.

Governance Proposal No.917, spearheaded by Dora Factory and DoraHacks, captivated the attention of Cosmos stakeholders and triggered extensive deliberations.

The proposal garnered resounding support, with over $1 billion worth of ATOM, including major validators and core contributors, rallying behind it. The resounding approval rate of 91.9% solidified its place as the most widely endorsed motion in the Cosmos Hub’s annals.

DoraHacks Announces Second AEZ (ATOM Economic Zone) Quadratic Funding Program

With the green light from the Cosmos community, Dora Factory and DoraHacks unveil the eagerly anticipated second AEZ (ATOM Economic Zone) quadratic funding program. This ambitious endeavor signifies the inception of the inaugural long-term funding initiative, which will span from May 15, 2024, to May 2026.

At its core, this initiative introduces native Quadratic Funding to the Cosmos Hub for the first time, promising a paradigm shift in public goods financing within the Web3 landscape.

Dora Factory emerges as a vanguard in decentralized governance infrastructure and multi-chain public goods funding protocols, nurtured under the auspices of DoraHacks. With a suite of offerings, including Public Good Staking infrastructure and Dora Vota, an appchain tailored for voting and governance, Dora Factory sets the stage for empowering the global Hacker Movement, open-source communities, and DAOs.

Central to the initiative is Quadratic Funding, a mechanism enabling token-holder communities to bolster early-stage projects and public goods through native-token donations. Dora Factory’s expertise in this domain positions it as a trailblazer in multi-chain quadratic funding, having successfully implemented similar models across various crypto ecosystems.

Dora Factory’s introduction of Public Good Staking ushers in a new era of sustainable funding for public goods. With over $400 million locked across 30 ecosystems, this initiative promises up to $10 million in annual funding, paving the way for sustained growth and innovation.

Looking ahead, Dora Factory aims to leverage cryptocurrency to catalyze advancements in cutting-edge fields such as space technology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and biomedical research.

The unveiling of aMACI heralds a new era of on-chain public goods governance, bolstering privacy and mitigating collusion in voting processes. Coupled with Dora Vota, an open infrastructure for multi-chain governance and voting, Dora Factory is at the forefront of fortifying decentralized governance mechanisms.

The Community Incentive Fund injects excitement into public goods funding, attracting participation from meme and NFT projects while fostering community engagement and collaboration.

Nonetheless, Dora Factory’s strategic financing from dao5, Whampoa Digital, and prominent angel investors underscores confidence in its vision. This capital infusion sets the stage for further innovation and expansion within the public goods funding ecosystem.

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