VGX Foundation, Gala Games, and Genopets Join Forces to Integrate VGX Token Rewards for Genopets Players

VGX Foundation, Gala Games, and Genopets Join Forces to Integrate VGX Token Rewards for Genopets Players

The VGX Foundation has formed a partnership with Genopets to incorporate the VGX token as a reward in their highly popular move-to-earn NFT mobile game on Solana. The partnership brings VGX into the Genopets game as a reward token, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards and utilize VGX within the Genopets ecosystem.

VGX is a token that connects various chains and is dedicated to enhancing utility within GameFi and gaming ecosystems.

Genopets was launched in 2021 and has quickly become one of the most popular games on Solana, attracting over 200k active players during their private beta. This mobile game allows players to summon digital pets, known as “Genopets,” that evolve and grow as players remain active in the real world. It’s a free-to-play experience that offers endless entertainment. Every day, players can accumulate steps taken in the real world to earn energy that can be used to enhance and personalize their Genopet as it progresses through different stages of evolution. Now, players can receive VGX as a reward for the Energy they earn in the game.

The partnership begins with a range of competitions designed for Genopets players to accumulate VGX from a prize pool of $150,000. Participants can earn these rewards by tracking their daily steps and competing on the Energy leaderboard. The leaderboard competition is available for both new and existing Genopets players.

In addition, newcomers who download Genopets have the opportunity to receive a unique reward of rare food and toys for their Genopet. To claim this reward, simply use the referral code “VGX” when signing up as a new user and taking your first steps during this campaign.

As seasoned blockchain enthusiasts, individuals with VGX will have the opportunity to enhance their partnership by utilizing their VGX to acquire a season pass for Voyager: Ascension through Gala Games. This will grant them access to additional rewards in upcoming games.

“We’re thrilled to announce a synergistic partnership with Genopets, an original leader in web3 gaming on Solana,” said Claire Abrehart, Director of VGX (BVI) Ltd. “This collaboration, alongside our recent success with Gala Games, further unlocks new possibilities for the VGX ecosystem. By integrating our token with both Genopets’s vibrant player community and the dedicated Gala Games audience, we’re fostering an innovative future for in-game rewards and experiences across the Web3 gaming landscape.”

“Partnering across foundations to bring new incentives to players in Genopets with leaders in Web3 Gaming like the VGX Foundation and Gala Games is a huge opportunity for our foundation,” said Jay Chang, Co-founder of Genopets. “Genopets was created to make living an active lifestyle more fun and rewarding by bridging physical and digital worlds and there couldn’t be better partners to grow our foundation’s ecosystem with.”

In a recent development, the VGX Foundation revealed a collaboration with Gala Games. This partnership involves the utilization of the GalaChain SDK to incorporate VGX into Gala Games seamlessly. VGX will be a reward token, enabling players to obtain in-game items and access exciting engagement opportunities. Once the integration is finalized, players can receive rewards in VGX for their accomplishments in certain games.

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