Avail Joins Forces With dWallet Network To Introduce Native Bitcoin Rollups to Web3

Avail Joins Forces With dWallet Network To Introduce Native Bitcoin Rollups to Web3

With the integration, users can effortlessly manage their BTC on any rollup within the Avail ecosystem while maintaining full control over their digital assets.

Avail has partnered with dWallet Network to introduce programmable native Bitcoin to rollups within the Avail ecosystem. This collaboration aims to enhance data availability and scalability for customizable applications in the Web3 space.

With the introduction of the dWallet primitive, smart contracts on Avail DA can now efficiently handle native BTC and ensure user ownership. This signifies a significant change from the prevailing Bitcoin L2 solutions that heavily depend on collaborative and sometimes precarious cross-chain methods, like bridges, which require users to give up ownership of their BTC.

“Allowing BTC to be used programmatically on other blockchains via a trust-minimized approach is a clever approach to increasing BTC adoption.” said Anurag Arjun, co-founder Avail. “Together with dWallet, we can enable Layer-2 chains or rollups on top of the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin represents a superb base layer from the DA perspective, with the highest security available in the ecosystem. As a result, the dWallet integration will enable users to leverage arbitrary execution and logic to secure their BTC via a decentralized multiparty computation (MPC) solution.”

Essentially, the collaboration seeks to utilize dWallet’s MPC infrastructure to improve Bitcoin’s capabilities. This will allow for the creation of native bitcoin rollups, leading to more efficient and secure transactions and operations on the Bitcoin blockchain. Additionally, it will support a broader range of functionalities beyond basic transactions.

The integration with the dWallet Network, along with the capability to manage dWallets from a smart contract on any Avail rollup, has been achieved through Avail Nexus. This innovative solution incorporates zero-knowledge coordination rollup, which utilizes validity-proof based light clients and execution-proof aggregation. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology, this significant step towards the integration of Web3 will empower developers to leverage Avail Fusion’s borrowed security from established ecosystems like BTC, ETH, and more.

In addition, the integration of the dWallet Network will enhance the Fusion Security model upon its launch. This will enable users to securely store their BTC, ETH, or other assets in dWallets and stake them to strengthen the security of the Avail ecosystem, while still retaining ownership of their native assets. This presents a groundbreaking solution for securing the consensus of various blockchains, setting a new standard in the field.

The dWallet Network utilizes the state-of-the-art 2PC-MPC protocol to implement the dWallet primitive. This groundbreaking multiparty protocol allows for the generation of an ECDSA signature in a highly secure manner, involving active participation from both the end-user and a large number of nodes, potentially reaching hundreds or even thousands.

With a deep understanding of blockchain technology, one can leverage the power of dWallet technology. This innovative solution empowers developers to efficiently manage a dWallet and utilize Bitcoin signatures within a Solidity smart contract on an Avail rollup. Meanwhile, the dWallet Network requires users to obtain approval from the Avail rollup smart contract for logic enforcement. This ensures that users must finalize the signature to prevent collusion and asset theft. For various applications in custody, DeFi, DAOs, gaming, or other domains, any protocol on an Avail rollup can utilize dWallets to improve functionality and ensure secure interoperability.

“We are excited to team up with Avail because our visions of a unified Web3 have so much in common, with both companies striving to bring countless disparate ecosystems together,” noted Omer Sadika, co-founder of dWallet Network. “We firmly believe that the future of Web3 is multi-chain, not cross-chain, and together with Avail, we will continue to work tirelessly on making this vision a reality.”

This latest integration is in line with Avail’s mission to bring together Web3. Avail is already using a comprehensive full-stack architecture consisting of three innovative solutions – DA, Nexus, and Fusion Security – to address the scalability challenges faced by the blockchain industry and pave the way for the rollup future.

Avail DA is a crucial component of the Avail trinity, providing ample space for rollup developers and forming the base layer for a thriving ecosystem of rollups. Avail Nexus, focusing on integrating the ecosystem beyond the blockchains built on Avail’s DA layer, utilizes Avail DA as the foundation for coordinating the entire ecosystem.

Finally, Fusion Security will provide extra protection to a growing network of rollups and blockchains, thereby improving Avail’s consensus mechanism. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology, the integration of dWallets into the Avail trinity is set to revolutionize the Web3 landscape. This development will seamlessly unify various Web3 ecosystems by addressing fragmentation challenges, providing users with a secure and integrated experience.

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